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Rena delivers a thoroughly realized solution in the form of the L-350 to the needs of businesses and organizations that have serious mailing operations. This device is an example of industry-leading principles creating a system that can process up to 25,000 tabs in no more than an hour. The L-350 is designed to maximize power within a compact size so that even the smallest offices can ensure output that meets demands.

<H3><B>NOTE!</B> This unit has been discontinued! For Stamp Applying and Single tabbing check out the AFM80ST Tabber / Stamp Applier for high volume, check out the T-750 Tabber / Stamp Applier </H3>

New postage regulations are pushing older systems out of business, but the L-350 is equipped to handle both the current expectations in mailing and also those expected to be developed in the future. It can apply 1-Up and USPS labels, and also has efficient feeding so that less time and energy is spent dealing with mail processing.

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Rena did not skimp on features despite the competitive price of the L-350. This unit is equipped with advanced mechanisms and logistical measures for determining product count and calibrating settings for speed and output. A digital display is provided to enable ease of use and allow individuals to quickly execute jobs without having to train extensively or read complicated manuals.

The L-350 has been discontinued and no longer available NEW If you are looking to apply stamps, check out the AFM-80ST

Weighing only 40lb and occupying a small area, the L-350 will be appreciated in environments that have restricted space requirements. It can be used by anyone and will deliver results that satisfy for years. The L-350 is one system designed to work hard and save money.

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Standard Features:

Exceptional Speed in Category

  • Produces up to 25,000 pieces per hour

Label and Stamp Compatibility

  • Whether you need to address 1-Up labels or USPS stamps, the L-350 will succeed at it

Advanced Feeding Mechanism

  • The feeder of the L-350 is integrated creating a comprehensive package that tackles mailing jobs efficiently

Total Tab System

  • Adjusts tabbing between 5/8” to 1-1/2” in size, and can process tabs with various seal densities

Built for Rugged Work

  • The L-350 will endure a lot of work; its life cycle is rated at 30 million jobs or 500,000 per month over the course of five years, proving itself to be a very cost-effective approach to long-term mailing

Optional Features


  • Reduces operator fatigue by incorporating a delivery system

Stacking Mechanism

  • Creates clean and structured piles that can assist with organizing your product

Drop Tray

  • Don’t make do with kludges; the L-350 has a customized tray that is ready to collect processed jobs and protect them from disarray

Large Image of the Rena L-350 Tabber labeler stamp applier

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