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Rena Imager 1.5 Plus

You take a professional approach to mailing. You’re willing to pay for speed and capacity, but you want ease and reliability.  You’d like to increase productivity while decreasing your mailing costs.

Discover the quality and value of the RENA Systems Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus.  They “plussed” up the solid, reliable 1.5 with faster output and greater hopper capacity. How does 30,000 postcards an hour sound? It sounds like warp speed.  Print an eight-line address and a barcode in one very fast pass.  Load up to 500 envelopes at a time and spend less time refilling. It also prints on flats, up to 3/16” thick.

A powerful processor with precision engineered parts and high-quality steel construction combined with RENA Systems’ focus on quality, performance, and reliability, add up to a tremendous value for your mailing business.

Do you have other larger volume mailing systems in place? Use the 1.5 Plus as your back up printer for smaller volume jobs. Whether it becomes your main printer or an add-on, the Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus will be fast to set up, easy to operate and will begin to pay for itself with the first use.


  • Prints from 150 to 600 dpi to optimize ink performance on any stock
  • Prints all Truetype Fonts
  • Allows printing of graphics, logos, and barcodes
  • Holds 500 envelopes at a time
  • USB 2.0 port for quick and easy connectivity
  • 64 megabytes of RAM


Print Technology: Thermal Inkjet, Three HP 45A-Style High Capacity Cartridges
Address Speed:

  • (9 Lines on 4”x6” Postcard)
  • 30,000 /hour at 150 dpi
  • 25,000 /hour at 200 dpi
  • 20,000 /hour at 300 dpi
  • 11,500 /hour at 600 dpi
  • (9 Lines on #10 Envelopes)
  • 22,000 /hour at 150 dpi
  • 19,000 /hour at 200 dpi
  • 15,000 /hour at 300 dpi
  • 7,200 /hour at 600 dpi

Print Quality:

  • High Quality – 600 d.p.i. – 600 x 600 dpi
  • Letter Quality – 300 d.p.i – 600 x 300 dpi
  • Standard Quality – 200 d.p.i – 600 x 200 dpi
  • Hi-Speed Quality –  150 d.p.i – 600 x 150 dpi

Image Area: 1.5” X 14” w/ 9.5” Vertical Range
Print Head Split: 3 Pen Stitched Design
Print Orientation: Normal and Reverse
Fonts: All TrueType fonts available on PC
Material Size: Minimum (W x L): 3″ x 5″ – Maximum (W x L): 14” x 14”
Material Thickness: Up to 3/16”
Software: WindowsTM Printer Drivers for WindowsTM 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP, 8, 9 and 10
Feeder-Capacity: Up to 500 #10 Envelopes
PC Interface: Parallel and USB 2.0
Duty Cycle: 30 million addresses total or 500,000 per month over a 5-year life cycle.
Dimensions: 19” H x 21” L x 20.5” W
Weight: 53 lbs
Options: RENA Systems EASYInks, HP Versatile fast dry Black, and Spot Colors, Conveyor/Stacker/Dryer, Drop Tray


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