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Rena Envelope Imager XT 4.0

There are some mailing projects that expect total saturation of a given region, and only a few machines can stand up to the challenge. The Rena Envelope Imager XT 4.0 is a force of nature that clearly dominates even the most excruciating demands of high-volume mailing. This integrated solution is driven by a formidable system which can produce in just one hour a total of 26,000 #10 envelopes or 34,000 postcards, making it a tremendous asset to critical missions where product delivery is tantamount to business success.


The Rena Envelope Imager XT 4.0 builds upon the success of the XT 3.0 by incorporating a larger 4” printing area which is separated across four individual printing modules. Utilizing eight high-capacity printing cartridges and providing support for TrueType fonts gives the XT 4.0 the leading position in producing attention lines, barcodes for postal processing, return addresses, and more simultaneously.

Rounding out this powerful professional machine is the AccuTrak Transport, a sturdy Center-linked belt mechanism incorporating a vacuum that assists with keeping products in place when being transported for imaging. Helping augment this system are customizable outer belts which can be adjusted to suit the size of the mailing pieces.

Standard Features of the Rena Envelope Imager XT 4.0:

Extraordinary Processing SpeedDon’t waste time with slower methods; the XT 4.0 will ensure your product is ready for placement by processing 34,000 postcards and 26,000 envelopes per hour
Proven Quality: Renders up to 600 D.P.I letter resolutions for ensuring clear legibility and a professional product
Flexible Print orientationProvides for both normal and reversed processing
Large Printing Compatibility: The XT 4.0 will handle all TrueType fonts that are available on the PC platform
Sophisticated Printing Tools: Fully capable of printing graphics, logos, and even barcodes
Support for Multiple Document Standards: Prints materials from 5” to 17” with a width from 3” to 13.5” and a maximum thickness of 3/8”
Universal Feeding Interface: Compatible with multiple input devices and features a start-stop control scheme
Designed to Last: The XT 4.0 will handle 120 million total addresses or 2,000,000 addresses per month over the course of a five-year life cycle

Rena Envelope Imager XT 4.0 Optional Features:

T-750/T-950 In-line Tabbing: Incorporate Tabbing to further raise the potential for integrated productivity options
EASYFEED Feeders, XPS-ProFeed Feeders: Grants operators the functionality to improve productivity
Conveyor Belt with Stacker and Dryer: Further enhances the XT 4.0 with features that can complete the mailing process
Right-2-Left Configuration: Reverses system procedures for specialized operations

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