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Rena Envelope Imager XT 3.0 Envelope Addressing Equipment

High-Output Envelope Addressing Equipment, the Rena Envelope Imager XT 3.0 Means Business

There’s a mailing machine for every type of mailing project, but if you’re running a mailing business or looking to canvass the city, there’s nothing that can match the Rena Envelop Imager XT 3.0 for sheer brute ability – it’s a big printer that can handle the biggest jobs you can throw at it.

The Rena Envelope Imager XT 3.0 is Built for the Long Haul

There is very few envelope addressing equipment on the market that can print as many envelopes as the Rena Envelope Imager XT 3.0 – rated for 120 million envelopes in a duty cycle, or 2 million envelopes every month for five full years, this is a machine that just won’t quit.  It’s fast, too, printing up to 26,000 #10 envelopes or 34,000 postcards an hour!  When paired with a mailing software like Satori Software’s Bulk Mailer, there’s nothing this machine can’t do.

Rena Envelope Imager XT 3.0

If you think the Rena Envelope Imager XT 3.0 is all bulk and no bite, think again.  These are just a few of its incredible features:

  • Large 3 inch print area across three independent print heads.
  • Material feeder accepts items up to 3/8 inch thick, 17 inches long and 13 1/2 inches wide.
  • Cartridge storage compartment is designed to extend the life and yield of ink cartridges.
  • Five-channel AccuTrak Transport with vacuum assist helps to keep envelopes in place.
  • Optional feeders, tabbers and conveyor/stacker/dryer available.

When you need to print a lot of mail fast, the Rena Envelope Imager XT 3.0 is perfect for the job.  It’s a big machine, but it’s built for big business.

The Rena Envelope Imager XT 3.0 has a  inkjet cartridge storage compartment to extend the life of your cartridges and increase their yield. The Five-Channel AccuTrak Transport with it’s  wide center belt and powerful vacuum assist, keeps pieces in place through transport. The outer transport belts can be easily moved to the size of the mail piece.

This is a full-featured, high volume, large capacity piece of envelope addressing equipment. The Rena Systems Envelope Imager XT 3.0 takes on any challenge with reliable and outstanding results.

Similar Options:

  • Get more print area with a Rena Envelope Imager XT 4.0
  • If you need a bigger vacuum and print area, consider Accufast P8 or Pmx printers
  • For a built-in feeder, try the Rena Imager 3.0

Technical Specs

PRINT TECHNOLOGYThermal Inkjet, Six HP 45A-Style High Capacity Cartridges
34,000 /hour at 150 dpi
25,000 /hour at 200 dpi
20,000 /hour at 300 dpi
11,000 /hour at 600 dpi
(9 Lines on 4”x 6” Postcard)
26,000 /hour at 150 dpi
19,000 /hour at 200 dpi
15,000 /hour at 300 dpi
7,200 /hour at 600 dpi
(9 Lines on #10 Envelopes)
(Dots Per Inch)
High Quality
Letter Quality
Standard Quality
Draft Quality
Dots Per Inch
600 d.p.i.
300 d.p.i.
200 d.p.i.
150 d.p.i.
600 x 600 d.p.i.
600 x 300 d.p.i.
600 x 200 d.p.i.
600 x 150d.p.i.
IMAGE AREA3” X 17” w/ 13” vertical range
PRINT HEAD SPLIT3 Pen Stitched + 2 Pen Stitched + 1 Pen Design
PROCESSORAMD TigerSharc 100 MHz DSP with Dual Calculation Technology
FONTSAll TrueType fonts available on PC
INK MONITORVisible on Display
Allows printing of graphics, logos, and barcodes
MATERIAL SIZELength – 5” to 17” ■ Width – 3” to 13.5”
TRANSPORT TYPE AccuTrak Vacuum Transport
PC INTERFACE Parallel and USB 2.0
DUTY CYCLE 120 million addresses total or 2,000,000 per month over a 5-year life cycle
DIMENSIONS 16” H x 30” L x 24” W
WEIGHT 110 lbs
ELECTRICAL 115VAC or 240VAC 50/60 Hz
COUNTERSPiece and Life

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