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Rena AS-450 Addressing System

The Next Generation of Address Printers is HERE, and it starts with The Rena AS-450.

The Rena AS-450 has a Smart touch screen interface that will have you set up and operational in no time.

Load a box off 500 envelopes into the Rena AS-450 and print up to 22,000 envelopes per hour! Postcards!? Can you handle printing Up to 30,000 postcards per hr? That’s right; you can go from postcards to material up to 1/4 inch thick.

Rena AS-450 Envelope Printer High Resolution Photo

Rena AS-450 Address Printer – Click to Enlarge

AS-450 Technical Mumbo Jumbo Click Here
AS-450 Print TechnologyThermal Inkjet, Four HP 45A-Style High Capacity Cartridges
Address Speed
    22,000 /hour
     (#10 Envelopes)
30,000 /hour
Rena AS-450
Print Quality (Dots Per Inch)
   DescriptionDots Per InchResolution
   High Quality600 d.p.i.600 x 600 dpi
   Letter Quality300 d.p.i.600 x 300 dpi
   Standard Quality200 d.p.i.600 x 200 dpi
   Hi-Speed Quality150 d.p.i.600 x 150 dpi
Image Area2” X 15”
Rena AS-450
600 Mhz Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore
Memory16 GB
FontsAll TrueType fonts available on PC
Print OrientationNormal and Reverse
CountersBatch, Job & Lifetime Counters
Ink MonitorVisible on Display; Per cartridge remembered by the printer when removed/installed
PrintsAllows printing of graphics, logos, and barcodes
Rena AS-450
Material Size
Minimum (W x L):  3″ x 5″
Maximum (W x L):  13.5” x 15”
Material ThicknessUp to 1/4″ (6.4 mm)
Feeder-Capacity500 #10 Envelopes
SoftwareWindowsTM Printer Drivers for Windows 7/8/8.1/10
PC InterfaceUSB 3.0, Ethernet, WiFi
DiagnosticsResident in firmware
Firmware UpdateVia USB or replaceable MicroSD
Duty Cycle300 million addresses total or 500,000 per month over a 5-year life cycle
Dimensions19” H x 22” W x 23” D
Weight60 lbs
Electrical115VAC or 240VAC 50/60 Hz
OptionsInk Supplies, Bulk Mailer Software, FlexMail, Conveyor/Stacker, Infrared Dryer

This little monster of an addressing system, aka Rena AS-450, can print up to a 2″ high path across your mail piece.
What would you do with 2″ of print!? You could get your AS-450 to print something like…

Image shows the 2 inches of print height available on the AS-450 Envelope Address Printer

The image shows the 2 inches of print height available on the AS-450 Envelope Address Printer. The lines show 1/2-inch marks which is the height of the print cartridge.

Or use your Rena AS-450 to get some attention with a design like this! In addition to getting attention, it will probably get opened.

2nd Sample Image shows the 2 inches of print height available on the AS-450 Envelope Address Printer. The lines are showing 1/2 inch marks

2nd Sample Image shows the 2 inches of print height available on the AS-450 Envelope Address Printer. The lines show 1/2-inch marks, the height of 1 cartridge so you know which cartridge is printing the information.

Printing the return address and indicia with the Rena AS-450 address printer.

If you often need to print the return address, indicia, and delivery address, on an #10 envelope, consider the Rena AS-650. The Rena AS-650 address printer can do it all and more in one pass. If you’re not doing it that often, you can do it with the AS-450. You need to run it twice. Once to print the return address and indicia. Then run it through again to print the delivery address and any additional information. You then store the return address and indicia in the memory of the Rena AS-450. Now you can print envelopes with the return address and indicia without needing your computer. Just pull up the stored file on the Rena AS-450 envelope printer. Enter the quantity, and start printing!

Connect the Rena AS-450, Rena AS-650, or Rena AS-850 via high-speed USB 3.0.  Wait, you’re out of USB ports? No problem, connect it to your network Ethernet. No CAT 5 or CAT 6 laying around? Let’s go Wi-Fi and cut the cord.

The AS-450 Wi-Fi setup screen

Sample AS-450 Wi-Fi Setup Screen

Do you or your clients need more envelopes with the Return Address and indicia? AS-450 has the solution

Maybe they showed up at your door hoping you had some extra laying around from the last job. NO PROBLEM! Store the job on the printer and reprint in seconds! Just locate the stored job and preview it on the display.

Now enter the quantity that you want to print and the print quality. Then hit Print on the Rena AS-450 and you are off to the races! Bonus, your client is amazed at how fast you did it! And your their hero.

So you client want’s to print Discount Coupon on a Postcard but doesn’t want people to be able to copy it and reuse it.

No problem use your Rena AS-450, AS-650 or AS-850 to print an invisible code. In other words, the code can only be read under a special light and can’t be photocopied. How? By printing with EASYInk Invisible ASINKHPINV.  Yes, you still print your address and everything else, but you need to place the Invisible Ink in one of the four banks and print it on that bank.  Or maybe they don’t want the discount code to be revealed until the show up in the store.  No problem, the new line of printers has you covered! Thereby giving you a new service to offer your clients.

Did your client forget to mention that the postcard has a coating on it? AS-450 to the rescue!

Did your salesperson forget to ask them? No Problem! Rena / Neopost has you covered with a full line of inks for the AS-450, AS-650, AS-850 Therefore you can change your ink to adjust to the substrate! Better yet, you may no longer need to outsource the job.

All-purpose performance pigmented ink for a wide range of media EASYInk Versario ASINKHPVRSA
General purpose dye-based ink for coated stocks EASYInk Coated Plus ASINKHPCS
Ink for aqueous varnished materials EASYInk Aqueous High-Performance ASINKHPAQP
General purpose quick drying dye-based ink EASYInk Fast Black ASINKHPFAST EASYInk
Solvent ink for UV coated & non-porous media EASYInk UltraUV High performance ASINKHPUUV
High-performance solvent ink for non-porous media EASYInk UltraSolv ASINKHPUSLV
Blue spot color blue pigmented ink for coated & uncoated materials EASYInk Blue ASINKHPBLUE
Red spot color red pigmented ink for coated & uncoated materials EASYInk Red ASINKHPRED
Green spot color green pigmented ink for coated & uncoated materials EASYInk Green ASINKHPGREEN
Invisible spot color UV-responsive security ink EASYInk Invisible ASINKHPINV

The Rena Hasler AS-450, AS-650, and AS-850 are smarter and easier to use than EVER!

Do you want to know what your ink cost is on the job? Easy, enter your cost per cartridge, and the printer will do the work for you! Because of this improvement, you will know your exact cost per piece.

Ink cost estimator

Need support?

Give us a call, and we will probably have you go to the Diagnostics display and run a few tests. As a result of the new interface, support is faster and more informative than ever before. Saving you precious time and moneyThe Printer Diagnostics Menu


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