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Neopost AS-710 – Rena DA-608 Address Printer

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Neopost AS-710 Rena DA-608 Address Printer – Ready to Work for You

If you want to increase the WOW factor in your regular mailings, the Neopost AS-710 Rena DA-608 model is the address printer for you. Like other Neopost Rena envelope printer models, this mailing machine combines precision engineering with customization that makes preparing professional mailings a snap.

Introducing an Address Printer with Versatility

With the Rena DA-608 and Neopost AS-710 address printers, you won’t be limited to a small area for printing. Whether you want an address, barcode, logo, or clip art on your mailpiece – it’s possible. This address printer can help you create customized postcards, self-mailers, envelopes, and other mailing materials that is eye-catching and more likely to be opened.

In addition to improving the design and style of your mailings, this Rena envelope printer can help you save money. It eliminates the need to buy, print and apply address labels. With blank envelopes or cards in your arsenal, you can create USPS-compliant and customer-driven mail pieces.

The Neopost AS-710 Rena DA-608 Address Printer

The Neopost AS-710 Rena DA-608 address printer is ready to work for you from the start. Simply unpack your machine, install the software, and connect your printer to your computer via the Internet. With easy-to-use controls and an intuitive menu system, you’ll be able to tackle the most complex jobs with ease. In addition, you’ll be able to integrate with CASS and PAVE-certified software so you can get discounts through the USPS postal automation program.

This model features:

  • Shuttle head technology to increase your printing customization options.
  • Plug’n Play software for simple setup.
  • Reliable HP print technology.
  • USPS postal automation discounts through CASS and PAVE-certified software.
  • Intelligent Mail® Barcode ready

Make the Neopost AS-710 Rena DA-680 your go-to mailroom technology for improved customization and enhanced speeds.

Also, Consider:

  • If speed is not an issue, take a look at the Secap SA3100 or Secap 9K-L
  • Want to add a little color?  Take a look at the Secap SA3150 or  SA3350
  • If you don’t need to print the return address and or indicia in the same pass, take a look at the Rena Imager 1.5 or Imager I


Envelopes/hourUp to 14,000/hr.
Print resolutionUp to 600 dpi
Number of heads1 (shuttle)
Maximum material thickness6 mm
Print area500 x 235 mm
Minimum material size75 x 70 mm
Maximum material size500 x 395 mm
Hopper capacity350 DL envelopes
Dimensions468 x 410 x 365 mm
Weight23 kg
ConnectionUSB 2.0 and TCP/IP

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