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The KT & ET & HDF inline system a.k.a. Slim Jim System

Mailing operations will benefit from the innovations provided by Rena with the Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus. Featuring smart controls and a modern computerized interface design, the Plus is crafted to extend the productivity of any business or organization into serious territory.  The system itself is both durable and exceptional at its job, capable of processing a total of 30,000 postcards in no more than an hour, ensuring that jobs that demand volume will be handled successfully.

NOTE!! At this time Accufast is no longer making this machine. Give us a call for pricing on a used machine or to discuss other options. A few are listed below.

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The Imager 1.5 Plus is an improvement over the base model 1.5 due to a specialized elongated hopper that stores a total of 500 #10 envelopes simultaneously. It also leads its class of mailers with compatibility that extends to 3/16” thick documents. This provides an enormous amount of potential for processing documents that can range across both standard and unconventional sizes and dimensions.

Those interested in a mailer but lacking significant experience in operating one will be relieved to hear that the Imager 1.5 Plus comes with convenient and accessible controls that anybody is capable of using. It features an LED control panel with large buttons and an adjustable knob for customizing the operation. The Imager 1.5 is also capable of interfacing with PC systems by means of a high-speed USB 2.0 port and even features a parallel port for extended compatibility.

With onboard diagnostics and robust compact design, the Rena Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus will not fail at delivering performance in environments that require precision results with reliability across multiple jobs.

Standard Features:

Performance and Efficiency

  • Will not miss deadlines with a processing capability of 30,000 items an hour

Attractive Results Guaranteed

  • A 600 D.P.I. print quality on smaller operations ensures that important documents are given exceptional appearances

Innovative Engineering

  • The split printer head utilizes a three-pen stitched design to complete tasks quickly and cleanly

Advanced Display with Counter

  • A clean LED display gives users easy access to tasks and machine states while digital resettable and lifetime counters ensure that audits stay on target

Standard Compatibility

  • Processes materials from 3” x 5” all the way to 14” x 14”, and can handle a thickness of 3/16”

Optional Features

Conveyor Belt with Stacker and Dryer Accessories

  • The Imager 1.5 Plus can be expanded to incorporate jobs more conveniently without having to replace machinery

Convenient Drop Tray

  • Provides an efficient means of collecting processed items

V-Stack36 Stacker

  • Stack up to 22 inches of folded documents for easy unloading

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