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NOTE!! At this time Accufast is no longer making this machine. Give us a call for pricing on a used machine or to discuss other options. A few are listed below.

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The Freehand Tabber is designed to give users access to many of the benefits of the robust ACCUFAST family but in a size that is convenient and practical for smaller operations. Emphasizing reliability and durability, the Freehand Tabber is a power tool for sealing and tabbing and keeping the job on track.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the Freehand Tabber is the simplicity of its tractor feed system which enables anybody to tab with minimal experience. Despite the compact size, this device can tab up to 12,500 pieces in a single hour and can handle pieces ranging from 5” all the way to 12” wide, coated and uncoated. The system employs a 1” paper circle tab operating on rolls utilizing tractor holes, similar to the design of the TRACTORTABS.

Tightly designed and secure, the Freehand Tabber is nonetheless flexible, providing operators easy adjustments that enable the machine to change the settings on the tab folds. The Freehand Tabber also incorporates waste containers and feeders to round out the feature set. Optional equipment includes a catch tray for processed items and a conveyor to simplify further the effort necessary to operate the Freehand Tabber.

In many cases, businesses and organizations will opt for larger devices, but the Freehand Tabber proves once again that high performance and reliability can be delivered successfully in a small form factor with careful ergonomics. The Freehand Tabber is an optimal choice for your mailing needs.

Standard Features:

Simplified Tractor Feed

  • Provides usability to both experienced operators and newcomers

Virtually Maintenance-Free

  • Will very rarely require maintenance or upkeep

Easy Deployment and Operation

  • Take the Freehand Tabber out of the box and you will get results almost immediately

Integrated Waste Management

  • Ensures the system stays clean and that the user has easy access to removing debris from the machinery

Counting Mechanism

  • Keep track of your tabs by referring to the counter

Rugged, Secured, and Adjustable Tab Folds

  • Enables the machine to take your tabbing to the next level

Tabbing Flexibility

  • Handles pieces from 5” to 12” wide, and can adapt to both thin and thick items, coated or uncoated

Tractor Hole Rolls

  • Runs 1” paper circle tabs

Rapid-Speed Tabbing

  • Obtain results by tabbing up to 12,500 pieces in an hour


Integrating Catch Tray

  • Improve the convenience of the Freehand Tabber by adding a tray which provides comfort and practicality

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No Longer Available New