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Freehand Label Applier

The Freehand Label Applicator is the perfect tool for letters, newsletters, flyers, invitations and other print media that are not created on a production basis.  The applicator is a dependable piece of equipment that is ideal for use in small schools, churches and other organizations that do not have a need for production mailing equipment.

The Freehand Label Applicator is constructed using the highest-quality materials, and is made in the United States.  The device is easy to operate and maintain; this model is the easiest machine to operate out of our entire product line.

Freehand Label Applicator Technical Specifications

  • Applies labels to 8,000 pieces per hour
  • Capable of labeling pieces up to 20 lb. in weight or 5” to 15” wide
  • Labels coated and uncoated thin packages up to 1/8” thickness
  • Runs machine-grade labels between 1” and 2” high; can be up to 6” wide on backer with or without tractor holes
  • Splicing takes mere seconds for continuous operation; no need to re-thread labels
  • Labels are easy to see when applied
  • Waste take-up spool and counter are built-in
  • Weight:  45 lbs.
  • Measurements:  17”l x 14”h x 20”w
  • Uses 115 volt 2 amps 60 hz or 230 volts 1 amp 50 hz
  • Can be used in-line with ACCUFAST and other tabletop Tabbers and Conveyors
  • Optional catch tray or conveyor
  • Stationary head allows for reliable and consistent labeling
  • No LCD status panel
  • Maintenance is rarely needed

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