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Formax V-Stack36i Vertical Stacker

The VStack36i Vertical Stacker from Formax was specifically created to work seamlessly with their Tabletop Folders and Pressure Sealers, stacking vertically, unlike traditional outfeed conveyors to produce neat stacks that are easier to unload for further processing.

V-Stack36 is a document stacker capable of neatly stacking documents up to 22 inches folded. The V-Stack36 features an infeed with six roller decks and two guides wheels to help forms enter easily into its infeed, with LED lights alerting operators when capacity nears being reached; its vertical stop paper adjusts for document widths up to 12″ while fold types may reach 7 inches tall.

Interlocks are available for FD 2054 Series, FD 2000 Series, FD 28X Folders, and FD 2096 Pressure Sealers to automatically stop both stacker machines and their sources when their maximum capacities have been reached.

V-Stack36-10 Height-adjustable Stand with Locking Casters is suitable for use with tabletop folders or pressure sealers; however, production pressure sealing machines require it as it must have additional support to function correctly. This stand is optional.

V-Stack36-10 Standard Features:

  • Compatible with the FD 2054 and 2096 Series AutoSeal Folders as well as the FD 382 and FD38X folders – please consult with your Account Representative regarding additional machine compatibility.
  • It stacks folded documents up to 22 inches high
  • photo-eye activation adds further convenience by starting the unit when product is presented.
  • LED indicator to show when stacker has reached full capacity
  • Infeed System features two guide wheels and six ball rolling deck for smooth processing pieces to be delivered smoothly
  • Run-out Switch
  • Vertical paper stops are designed for documents up to 7″H and can accommodate different fold types.
  • Utilizing the spring-loaded horizontal extender provides added control when handling forms.
  • Interlock system that automatically stops stacker when full (available for 2200, 2096, 2054 and 38X Series).

V-Stack36-10 Options:

  • Adjustable height stand with wheels for mobility of tabletop folders or pressure sealers that need FD 2096/2200 Series models only

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