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Formax FD 6204 Inserter Series

Base MSRP $9,195 - As shown in Picture, $14,195 Call For Details

Formax delivers a high performance system in a competitively priced package with the FD 6204 Advanced Office Mailing Solution. Featuring a large LCD touchscreen and automatic job settings, the 6204 will guide both veterans and new users easily towards producing paper jobs that are efficient and effective. A one-touch setup system enables operators to start processing mail immediately by automatically measuring and adjusting for paper length, envelope dimensions, and folding. This robust platform is capable of accurately folding five sheets simultaneously and inserting them into an envelope.

This unit has been replaced by the 6210 Series Inserter and the 6306 Series

The FD 6204 series runs the gamut of power and feature sets. The Formax FD 6204-Basic 1 is the starter package which provides a single automatic sheet feeder. The next in line, the FD 6204-Basic 2, grants users two automatic feeding sheets. The FD 6204-Advanced 1 is the next upgrade which employs both a sheet feeder and an insert/BRE feeder simultaneously. Last, but certainly not least, the FD 6204-Advanced 2 comes equipped with an extensive arrangement of two sheet feeders and one insert/BRE feeder.

Fortunately, despite the exceptional power and reliability, the FD 6204 series is nonetheless easy to use like smaller machinery. It’s a perfect match for middle businesses and institutions.

Standard Features:

Flexible Feeding System

  • Get the feeders for your needs; one or two sheet feeders are available

Automatic insert/BRE feeder system

•       Found on the FD 6204 Advanced 1 & 2 models

Robust programming system

  • Program up to fifteen jobs and watch the FD 6204 series get to work

Interactive LCD visualizations

  • Gives both experts and new users equal grounds for getting the job done

AutoSet One-Touch Setup

  • Automates mailing to ensure accuracy and reliability without wasted effort

Self-Adjusting Algorithms

  • Advanced computing keeps the FD 6204 series ahead of the job by adjusting to the demands automatically

Sealing Flexibility

  • Sealing and non-sealing options are both provided for on the FD 6204 platform

Comprehensive Envelope Sealing

  • Ensures Envelopes are sealed from tip-to-tip for maximum security

Robust Display Counters

  • Keep track of your inventory with batch and life counters

Double Document Detection

  • An industry standard, the FD 6204 series maintains a strict commitment to efficiency and reliability

Multiple Simultaneous Folding

  • Maximize efficiency by folding and inserting up to five sheets of paper

Folding Types

  • Process what you need: C, V, Z, Double Parallel, and also No Fold

Optional Features

Optical Mark Recognition

  • Available on the FD 6204 Advanced 2 only, it can handle up to five sheets

Alternative Exit and Feed Trays

  • Customize your system with shorter feed trays, or front or rear side exits

Cabinet Extension

  • Provides storage and safe handling for files

402 Series Jogging Device

  • Reduce static Electricity to a minimum while ensuring paperwork stays aligned for correct feeding

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Base MSRP $9,195 - As shown in Picture, $14,195 Call For Details