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Formax FD 6102 Inserter

MSRP $4,995

Formax has designed the FD 6012, another outstanding solution for handling the demands of daily mailing. Operating within a compact design, this system can nonetheless proceed with 15 jobs and automatically process 1,360 documents per hour. The FD 6012 is also capable of holding 100 inserts in each feeding segment. The construction involves two sheet feeders, one insert feeder, and multiple feed stations which provide the user flexibility and freedom with choosing how to pursue mailing options.

This model has been replaced by: Formax FD 6104 Affordable Small Office Inserter

To ensure reliability and reduce the costs of inefficiency, the FD 6012 employs an advanced double document detection algorithm which strives ceaselessly to ensure mailing is strictly uniform.  The design is protected against dust and atypical paper designs granting the FD 6012 a reputation for quality and performance.

Are you mailing 1 sheet of paper like an invoice? Consider switching to a pressure sealer and skip the envelope! 

What sets the FD 6102 apart from other devices in the same class is its ease of use. This is a device that can provide even first-time operators the ability to produce high-quality folds without having to spend a large amount of time researching system operation and behavior. Having an easy to use design and great feature set, the FD 6012 can complement any business or organization.

Standard Features:

Automatic Sheet Feeding

  • Accomplishes the same but with less user effort

Automatic Adjustments

  • Maintains efficiency by adjusting to the work demands

Bright LCD Display

  • Provides ease of use for everyday users and grants a setup guide to enable first time operators to learn quickly

Durable and Convenient Design

  • Compact but not Fragile, the FD 6102 can handle the job and is blessed with a clamshell design for easy passage to paperwork

Patented Double Document Detection

  • Feel at ease while the FD 6102 detects issues with paper feeding automatically

Sealing Flexibility

  • Whether you need sealing or non-sealing for your mailing, the FD 6102 will deliver results

Resettable Digit System

  • When you require strict auditing, the FD 6102 will provide the solution with a numerical counter that can also be reset

Universal Industry Folding Types

  • Get the job done by choosing the standard you need; if it is letter styled, half, double parallel, or no fold, the FD 6102 can provide the product

Size Accommodation

  • Get on board with a folding program that matches your dimensions; the Formax will accommodate both #10 and 6” x 9.5” envelopes with a catch tray that can be adjusted

Optional Features

Interlocking Cabinet Attachment

  • Extends the functionality of the FD 6102 to incorporate storage capabilities providing offices with convenient document access and retrieval

402 Series Jogging Apparatus

  • Don’t put up with static electricity; the 402 Series system will work hard to reduce static charge

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MSRP $4,995