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Formax FD 402P1 Jogger


Introduce the FD 402P1 Single-Bin Paper Jogger: The Ultimate Solution for Flawless Alignment of Paper Rolls.

Paper handling equipment has seen an extraordinary boost thanks to an unprecedented innovation revolutionizing how paper is aligned and handled. Boasting unprecedented speed, efficiency, and versatility – The FD 402P1 Single-Bin Paper Jogger has earned wide praise across industries for its speed, efficiency, versatility, and speedy operation.

The Formax FD 402P1 is a great companion to any folder inserter to remove paper static from hot-off-the-press prints that want to stick together and slow down insertion or folding.

Built to accommodate paper sizes up to 11″x 17″, this versatile tool brings ease, precision, and reliability to paper handling needs. Featuring its proprietary electromagnetic design for uninterrupted performance and minimal disruptions in workflow.

Equipped with solid-state switch controls for effortless operation and adjustable vibration speeds of up to 4,000 jogs per minute, the FD 402P1 makes efficiency effortless. Say goodbye to misfeeds or paper jams thanks to this cutting-edge jogger’s seamless separation of forms and elimination of static electricity, providing accurate feeding of paper handling equipment like pressure sealers, folders, and inserters.

But that is only half the story; the FD 402P1 goes above and beyond with its thoughtful design features, especially its slotted clean-outs that enable effortless removal of unwanted debris such as paper dust, staples, and paper clips – helping ensure it remains tidy even during demanding tasks.

Designed with meticulous care and precise engineering, the FD 402P1 boasts an upright rack and center divider, which are expertly engineered to jog small paper stacks precisely and order them precisely – providing your operations with organized documents for increased productivity and improved operational efficiencies. Experience satisfaction as neatly aligned documents increases productivity while streamlining operations!

Whether your industry is publishing, mailroom, or office environment – the FD 402P1 Single-Bin Paper Jogger offers perfect paper alignment. Experience its benefits firsthand today.

Discover more about how the FD 402P1 Single-Bin Paper Jogger can transform your paper-handling workflow by visiting [Company Website] or calling our Sales Department on [Contact Information].

Formax has long been recognized for providing cutting-edge paper-handling equipment and solutions designed to boost productivity and efficiency. It earned its position among industry leaders through uncompromised quality, outstanding customer satisfaction, and global presence and is trusted by professionals worldwide.

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