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Formax FD 386 Automatic Touchscreen Document Folder

The Formax FD 386 Automatic Touchscreen Document Folder is a versatile solution for businesses, churches, schools, and print-for-pay centers. With a quick and easy setup, it ensures efficient completion of various folding jobs in minutes. With an impressive folding speed of up to 17,000 pieces per hour, the FD 386 guarantees fast job completion. The fully automated fold plates offer a one-touch set-up for 18 pre-programmed fold settings, with the flexibility to store up to 27 custom folds in memory. Its user-friendly full-color touchscreen control panel provides a seamless and intuitive experience.

Featuring a large full-color touchscreen control panel, the FD 386 ensures ease of use even for untrained operators. Its advanced software allows customization of standard fold types and paper sizes to meet specific requirements. The FD 386 can also be paired with the optional Formax V-Stack36i Vertical Stacker, which efficiently stacks up to 22” of folded documents for easy unloading and further processing.

The FD 386 has a generous hopper capacity of up to 500 sheets, allowing operators to load the documents and attend to other important tasks. This smart folder can fold 500 sheets in as fast as 2 minutes and conveniently hold the folded pieces on its patented Telescoping Conveyor System.

It also features adjustable speed and fold plate settings, allowing operators to customize their folding needs. Additionally, the FD 386 has an Auto Setup feature that quickly sets up the folder for a variety of paper sizes and folds. The machine can also be easily adjusted to perform different folds with just the push of a button.

With the optional patented Multi-Sheet Feeder, the FD 386 enables the folding of up to 4 stapled or unstapled sheets simultaneously, thanks to its dedicated feed system with side guides and skew adjustment.

When it comes to fast and high-quality paper folding solutions, trust the Formax FD 386 to exceed expectations.

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