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Formax FD 3302 Air-Suction Document Folder

Introducing the FD 3302 Air-Suction Document Folder: your secret weapon for high-performance folding in a sleek and compact tabletop unit. When it comes to digitally printed documents on heavy and coated stock, this folding marvel is in a league of its own.

Say goodbye to feed marks and static electricity issues that plague traditional friction feed systems. The FD 3302’s cutting-edge air-suction feed technology eliminates these nuisances, ensuring pristine results. With its internal fans, this folding genius operates quietly, all while saving space on your desk.

But that’s not all. With an impressive speed of up to 18,600 sheets per hour and a generous feed tray capacity of up to 625 sheets, the FD 3302 effortlessly tackles a wide range of applications. Thanks to optical and ultrasonic double-feed detection, you can rest easy knowing that document integrity is safeguarded.

The FD 3302 doesn’t discriminate when it comes to paper weights and sizes; it can handle them all. From featherlight sheets to up to 25.5″ long papers, its adjustable variable fan speed and airflow, coupled with the interactive control panel and external adjustment knobs, allow for maximum flexibility.

But we haven’t forgotten about user convenience. With automatic paper size detection, fold plate settings, a 4.3″ color touchscreen LCD control panel, six pre-programmed fold settings, and the ability to store up to 30 custom folds, using the FD 3302 is a breeze. And let’s not overlook its additional perks: a cross-folding guide, a four-digit counter with batch counting capability, fold rollers for impeccable accuracy, and enhanced document security features.

Quieter than a whisper and fully automated, the FD 3302 is the perfect companion for on-demand printing in any office environment. Experience the difference today!

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