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Formax FD 324 Folder

The Economical and User-Friendly Formax FD 324

Designed with ease of operation in mind, FD 324 utilizes a three-tire drop-in feed system, eliminating the need to fan paper. No separation adjustment needed. Simply square the paper stack and load it into the feed tray. The LCD control panel features a 3-digit resettable counter with AutoBatch, which allows users to process a specific number of sheets with a pause between sets, ideal for groups of flyers or mailings. In addition, the output conveyor includes easily adjustable stacker wheels for neat, sequential stacking of folded pieces.

The Formax FD 324 Document Folder offers an unmatched level of user-friendly performance and affordability. This rugged, unit processes up to 8,600 sheets per hour and can accommodate paper sizes up to 12” x 18”. The removable fold plates are clearly marked with four common fold settings for Letter, Zig-Zag, Double Parallel, and Half Fold, in 11”, 14”, and 17” paper sizes. Quick-release fold stops and fine-tuning adjustment knobs ensure precision folds every time.

Simple to maintain with a spring-loaded feed roller assembly, you can replace the FD-324 feed rollers in minutes

The FD 324 is constructed with a durable all-metal frame and side covers. The three-tire friction feed system accurately pulls paper into the folder, while the skew knob allows for moving the feed table left or right to adjust for minor misalignments.

Clearly, marked fold settings and simple out-of-the-box operation make the FD 324 a perfect addition to schools, churches, and offices looking for easy setup and minimal adjustments.

Formax FD 324 Folds

Folds: The Formax FD 224 can do

Operating Features
Fixed Speed: Jobs are processed quickly at speeds of up to 8,600 pieces per hour
LCD Panel: Keeps an accurate tally of pages processed, with a resettable counter
Output Conveyor: Adjustable stacker wheels provide neat, sequential stacking of folded documents
Drop-In Feed System: A three-tire drop-in feed system produces dependable feeding of forms with no fanning required
Paper Sizes: Handles paper sizes up to 12” x 18”
Intuitive Graphic Fold Guide: Icons on the chart match those on the fold plates for easy setup

Folding Features
Pre-Marked with 4 Standard Folds: Letter, Zig-Zag, Half, and Double Parallel, in 11”, 14” and 17” sizes
Three-Tire Friction Feed System: Accurately pulls paper into the fold rollers
Quick-Release Fold Stops: Simply pull the knob, slide the fold stop to the correct setting, and release
AutoBatch: Process a specific number of sheets with a pause between sets, for easy unloading
Fine-Tuning Knobs: Located on the end of each fold plate to allow for precise adjustments

Technical Features

Rugged Construction: All-metal frame and side covers for durability
Quick, Easy Setup: Clearly marked fold settings and removable top and bottom fold plates
Skew Adjustment: Moves feed table left or right to adjust for minor misalignments

Speed: Up to 8,600 sheets per hour
Hopper Capacity: Up to 500 sheets 20# (75gsm)
Pre-Marked Folds: Letter, Zig-Zag, Half, Double Parallel
Paper Size: Min: 4” W x 5” L  |  Max: 12’ W x 18” L
Paper Weight: Up to 30# (112gsm)
Weight: 75 lbs (25kg)
Power: 120VAC 60 Hz
Safety Certifications: CE

*Paper weight specifications may vary.

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