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Formax FD 300

The Affordable Formax FD 300 Office Desktop Folder

STOP folding by hand! This entry level folder is perfect for the office with low-volume folding projects

The Formax FD 300 folder is compact but can produce up to 7,400 folded sheets per hour. Run paper from 11″ to 14″ with ease and have it produce any of the following popular folds,¬†C, Z, Half and Double Parallel using the easy to read pre-marked fold settings.

Formax FD 300 fold plate markings

Some of the user-friendly features of the FD 300 include an easy to read, resettable LCD counter. Auto batch for processing a fixed number of documents, stacking output conveyor that includes adjustable stacking wheels for a neat stack of folded pieces.

Formax FD 300 Resettable LCD Counter

The Formax FD 300 is perfect for small offices, churches, schools, and non-profits. With it’s clearly marked fold plates, and out-of-the-box operation and fast easy setup, you will be up and running in no time.

Formax FD 300 Setup Video


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