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Formax FD 2002 AutoSeal®

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Forget the Envelope!  Save Money with the Formax FD 2002 AutoSeal

You spend countless hours stuffing, labeling, sealing and mailing envelopes for your business, but there’s no reason you have to keep wasting all that time.  The answer to your enveloping problem is a machine that can turn one-page documents into self-mailers, like the Formax FD 2002 AutoSeal.

Just Fold, Seal and Mail

Choosing mailroom equipment can be confusing, do you want a tabber or an envelope stuffer for your big mailing jobs?  If you mostly mail out single page documents, skip them both and go for the autosealer.  By printing your one page documents on special pressure seal mailers with bands of adhesive that activate when they go through a pressure sealer, you’ll skip several steps in your mailing process.  Just have your Formax FD 2002 AutoSeal fold and seal your documents for you.

Customize your paper folds for sheets up to 14 inches long with easy to adjust paper folding plates, then check your fold placements with the paper jog control.  Load up to 250 forms at a time into your Formax FD 2002 AutoSeal, press the button and forget it.  How many other pieces of your mailroom equipment can be trusted to work without supervision?

Formax FD 2002 AutoSeal

The Formax FD 2002 AutoSeal is a different breed of mailroom equipment, enabling you to do more with less paper.  Here are some of its other great features:

  • Drop-in three roller system means no paper fanning is required.
  • C, Z, V, uneven C, uneven Z and custom folds available.
  • Expressive LEDs indicate power status, cover status, paper status and any faults.
  • Resettable counter keeps track of up to six digits.
  • Optional conveyor and cabinet.

Everybody needs a simpler solution to their single-page mailing dilemmas, the Formax FD 2002 AutoSeal makes folding, sealing and mailing easy.


P2002:Cost saving package that includes the FD 2002, 18” conveyor and cabinet
18” Conveyor w/ Photo Eye:Allows for neat and sequential stacking of processed forms
Locking Cabinet:Fully enclosed for storage
402 Series Jogger:Reduces static electricity and aligns forms for proper feeding
FD 2000-35 Reverse Stacking Conveyor:Allows for A-to-Z input and A-to-Z output

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Hopper Capacity:Up to 250 sheets 24# (90gsm)
Fixed Speed:Up to 8,000 sheets per hour – based on 11” (279mm) “Z” fold
Paper Size:Up to 8.5’’ W x 14” L (216 W x 356 L mm)
Power:FD Model: 120 Volts AC 50/60Hz FE Model: 220 Volts AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions:25.75” L x 16.5” W x 14.25” H (65 L x 42 W x 36 H cm)
w/ 18” Conveyor & Cabinet:46” L x 22” W x 44” H (117 L x 56 W x 112 H cm)
Weight:88.5 lbs (40 kg)
Document Sequence:Standard sequence is A-to-Z input, Z-to-A output. Optional FD 2000-35 reverse conveyor available for A-to-Z output.
Certifications:UL and CUL approved CE applied for

Made in the USA

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MSRP $6,550 Call for a Quote!