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Formax FD 1200 Pressure Sealer

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Institutions and individuals looking for an affordable solution for mailing will find what they’re looking for in the Formax FD 1200 Pressure Sealer. This system is designed for low-volume solutions where ease

Replaced by the Formax Autoseal FD 1202 Click Here for More Information

of use and compact design are a priority. The FD 1200 fuses the powers of a laser printing system and pressure sealing to achieve a convenient and comfortable mailing device that can handle the production of safe documents. The entire system is engineered to provide value and productivity without difficulty or downtime. It involves clear folding plates and a feeding system that promises a smooth runtime.

Of course, the FD 1200 is designed to match all the industrial standards for mailing. Whether you need the Uneven Z or Z fold or perhaps a custom folding, the FD 1200 is equipped to perform the designated fold without compromising on performance or reliability. All of this is provided in a cost-effective form factor that is nonetheless rugged and durable. Small offices and mailing rooms will be satisfied with its elegant design and simple processing operations that equip individuals with the means to produce accurate folds without having to spend an inordinate amount of time learning complex machinery or labyrinthine software interfaces. The FD 1200 is a machine meant for simplicity, accuracy, and speed when low-volume solutions are desirable.

The combined features of the FD 1200 make it ideal for any number of small offices, home stations, charity organizations, or small-scale mailing-driven efforts. The FD1200 design is capable of producing 35 documents a minute and can handle up to 14 inch forms which meet the basic standards of mailing. Altogether the FD 1200 can’t disappoint for both newcomers and experienced mailing professionals when it comes to daily simple processing jobs.

Standard Features:

Drop-In Feeding Design

  • This system allows for reliable feeding without requiring paper fanning or other obtrusive manual efforts

Ultra-Compact Design

  • The form factor of the FD 2100 is meant to provide a user-friendly experience for small environments

14 Inches of Form Capability

  • Flexibility and size generosity enable the processing of 14 inch forms

Industry Standard Folding Specifications

  • If you need to fold Z, C, Uneven Z, Uneven C, or just custom and half folds, then the FD 1200 will cover you

Catch Tray with Integration

  • Grants beautiful and clean sequential stacks of processed items

Pre-Marked Popular Folds

  • Users can expect their folding and form size changes to be simple and pain-free

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MSRP $2,395 Call for current Price Quote