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Formax AutoSeal® FD 2200 High Volume Series Pressure Sealer

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When enterprise demands are at the highest levels, only a machine like the Formax AutoSeal FD 2200 High Volume Series Pressure Sealer can meet expectations with convenience and durability. The 2200 series is designed to fully automate the mailing effort to ensure production quotas are met. Clocking in at 40,000 forms per hour, the 2200 sets an industry standard for maximizing speed and efficiency.

The 2200 series is named such because it is offered in four different feed options: the FD 2200 has air-feed technology and a capacity of 500 documents; the FD 2200-EX has extended air-feed and can hold up to 1,000; the FD 2250 is driven by pile-feeding and reaches 3,500 forms; and the FD 2280 is the top-level machine which works in conjunction with the Formax FD 676 Maxi Burster for continuous form processing.

Users will be able to achieve an astounding level of productivity without exerting tremendous physical efforts thanks to the revolutionized integrated display systems featuring diagnostics and automated folding applications.

Regardless of what model you pursue, the 2200 series is responsible for fast and accurate document production that sets the standard for extreme procressing.

Standard Features:

Extreme Ruggedness

  • Designed for nothing less but the toughest, most demanding jobs

Patented High-Speed Feeding Systems

  • Systems available are air-feeding, extended air-feeding, pile feeding, and non-stop production utilizing the FD 676 Maxi Burster

Adjustable Speed Controls

  • Allows up to 60 applications for automated adjustments

Extended Paper Dimensions

  • Flexible systems enable the FD 2200 series to host documents as big as 11.5” x 25”

Advanced Counter Systems

  • Utilizing six digits and batch counting operations

Numerous Fold Plates and Types

  • Four folding plates with insulation and support for all industry standards, such as Z, uneven Z, C, Half, and custom folds

Conveyor System utilizing Photo Eye Technology

  • Adjustable conveyor for clean stacks

Fault Detection

  • Provides insight into errors such as double-feeding

Static Elimination Engineering

  • Features incorporated to dissipate static electricity

Interlocking Mechanisms

  • Detects faults and provides additional safety precautions

Industry-Leading Combination Rollers

  • Rollers utilizing steel and polyurethane constructions to provide efficiency and reliability

Optional Features

402 Series Jogging Device

  • Designed to eliminate the majority of static electricity and to align documents for correct feeding behavior

FD 2000-60 Bulk Loader

  • Functions in cooperation with the FD 2200-EX machine to enhance the input of documents

V-Stack36 Stacker

  • A device engineered to stack a vertical pile of forms up to 22 inches for convenient unloading

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Starting at MSRP $75,195 Please Call for a Quote