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Formax AutoSeal® FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone

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The Formax AutoSeal FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone is a mailing device designed to ensure existing floor model folding systems are able to be maintained without needing to be replaced. The FD 2200-10 provides a sealer-only solution to reduce the costs of upgrading currently deployed systems so that businesses can optimize their output without having to replace their machinery.

As a machine in itself, the Formax FD 2200-10 utilizes a pressure seal system that is the result of extensive high-level engineering that targets a maximum speed of 40,000 pieces per hour. This is a device that is meant to handle demanding environments.

Despite being a stand-alone system, the FD 2200-10 is not at a loss for power, features, or support. Incorporating a ground-clutching system with four rollers and a transport deck with 8-ball driven technology, the FD 2200 will deliver uncompromising accuracy without sacrificing speed.

The FD 2200-10 integrates easily into the standard Formax hardware. It is also compatible with other industry-compliant machinery ensuring a wide fit for many of today’s demanding operations. Incorporating three interface connections, the system will allow different hardware to interlock creating a comprehensive solution to excel at high-volume mailing.

For those who expect rapid configuration, the system provides features such as an open design and clear covers to allow quick modifications and adjustments. The FD-2200-10 is set to perform reliably under even stressful environments and will continue to produce quality results no matter the hardware you utilize in conjunction with its proven sealing systems.

Standard Features:

Individual Sealing System

  • Designed to target integration with currently deployed high-production floor folding machines

Durable and Effective

  • Heavy construction meant to handle direct mail and fulfilment facilities

Precision Pressure Rollers

  • Four-roller system to handle high-production environments

Enhanced Fault Diagnostics

  • Infrared sensor technology identifies errors and signals emergency shut-downs to prevent further mishaps

Clutching Roller Design

  • Reduces belt and motor entropy by detecting and reacting to double-feeds

Safety Cover Interlock

  • System enters shut-down status when cover is open

Static Elimination Technology

  • Static brush is deployed at the sealer exit site to minimize static charges

Plexi-Cover Form

  • Provides a full view of the system to ensure operators can examine and access internals quickly

Transport Deck with 8-Ball System

  • Provides a smooth operation from rollers to sealers

Rugged yet Flexible Casters

  • Sturdy locking and swivel casters also have an adjustable height

Integrating Mounting Bracket

  • Allows the FD 2200-10 sealer to attach to the folder

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MSRP $17,795 Call for a Quote