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Pressure Sealers

Formax AutoSeal® FD 2084 & FD 2094 Heavy Duty Pressure Sealers

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When your business demands results for mailing documents, the Formax AutoSeal FD 2084 & FD 2094 Heavy Duty Pressure Sealers will deliver secure processing quickly and reliably. Utilizing patented technology, these systems process 28,000 forms per hour and are fully-automated, ensuring users are free to focus on increased productivity.

The Formax FD 2084 is in fact a combination of the FD 2094 and the Formax FD 676 Maxi Burster. This robust system is designed so that users can expect maximum separating, folding, and sealing performance without inefficiency or clutter. Each unit employs six programmed folding types that allow three custom folds, and can produce neatly stacked sequential forms. This greatly expands your productivity options.

Optional items include center slitters and the V-Stack 36 Vertical Stacker. Taken altogether, the FD 2084 & FD 2094 Heavy Duty Pressure Sealers are extremely powerful and well-regulated systems designed to meet demanding workloads that include processing checks, payment notices, tax documentation, and more.

Standard Features:

Advanced Air Feeding System

  • The FD 2094 will allow continuous form loading to ensure jobs are quick and easy

Continous Form Burster Infeed

  • The FD 2084 will trim and separate documents for quick and clean folds and seals

Variable Speed Settings

  • A performance ceiling of 28,000 sheets per hours will secure the jobs success

Automatic Setting Adjustments

  • No time or patience for fiddling with controls? The FD 2084 & FD 2094 can automatically fold based on inherent programming

High Form Capacity

  • The Formax system can handle up to 20” documents

Enhanced Fault Detection

  • Detect double feeding errors and many others with enhanced error detection system

7-Digit Counter with Reset Technology

  • Protect your auditing accuracy with an enhanced counting system

31 Inch Output Stacker with Sequential Systems

  • Stacking system with automatic devices for clean and organized document stacks

Device Interlocking

  • Provides additional safety and fault detection

Integrated Static Reduction

  • Enhanced system protection against static from documents

Industry-Standard Folding Types

  • Handles uneven Z, Z, V, C, and customized folding methods

Strong Insulation Covers

  • Reduces noise pollution with heavy fold plate covers


Both FD 2084 & 2094

V-Stack36 Stacker

  • Can stack up to 22 inches of processed documents, ensuring easier unloading

FD 2094

402 Series Jogger

  • Minimizes the risk of static electricity by handling the paperwork before feeding

FD 2000-60 Bulk Loading Mechanism

  • Works in unison with the FD 2094 to increase form acquisition

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MSRP $52,750 - $36,495 Call for a Quote