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Formax AutoSeal® FD 2054 Pressure Sealer

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The Formax AutoSeal FD 2054 Pressure Sealer delivers the ideal balance of high-volume processing alongside quiet operation and efficient operations. Capable of automatically detecting and adjusting for 11”, 14”, and 17” forms, it even comes with programming to match both industry-standard and obscure folding methods. Furthermore, the FD 2054 stores 35 customized folding settings ensuring the system can and will meet your mailing needs.

Employing state-of-the-art technology, the FD 2054 comes with a three-roller feeding design that produces ideal results and eliminates the need to fan paperwork. Forms are handled at a blazing 16,450 count per hour, and are sent to a conveyor arrangement that has secure positioning. A bright LED-enabled interface provides ease of use targeting everyday users who need results without hassle.

The FD 2054 has been outfitted with industry-leading software that allows for rich folding customization options. Some of the many options the FD 2054 can attach to are the 402 Series Jogger, the V-Stack36 Stacker, and even a sturdy storage cabinet.  Everything combined creates the ultimate system for intelligent business needs.

Standard Features:

Blazing Speeds

  • Get the job done quickly and without compromise; the Forex FD 2054 will process 16,450 forms an hour

High Quality LCD User Interface

  • A 2.8” digital display provides access to controls that anyone can use quickly and accurately

Drop-and-go Feeding System

  • Three rollers provide a system where users can simply drop documents in and get dependable results

17 Inch Form Capability

  • Ensures even large documents will get processed according to the business needs

Patented AutoStack Wheels Technology

  • Stacking wheels are automated to eliminate manual effort when switching the size of forms and folding styles

Conveyor System with Integrated Telescopic Technology

  • The conveyor system is highly modifiable, capable of switching between 14” and 36” lengths and holding 500 folded items

Reduced Noise Profile

  • The FD 2054 is well-insulated to ensure noise pollution is kept to a reasonable minimum

Advanced Fault Diagnostics

  • Intelligent systems detect double feeding alongside other potential problems

Multi-Digit Display Counters

  • Obtain the maximum audit control possible with six digits that can be reset

AutoBatch Counting System

  • An operation capable of being programmed to pre-set form numbers alongside a feeding delay

Optional Features

Security Cabinet Attachment

  • Fully enclosed to provide maximum safety for storage

402 Series Jogging Device

  • Makes static electricity a minimal occurrence by utilizing proven methods to safely discharge documents

V-Stack36 Stacker

  • Stack up to 22 inches of folded documents for easy unloading

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MSRP $10,750 Call for a Quote