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Formax AutoSeal® FD 2032 Pressure Sealer

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The Formax AutoSeal FD 2032 Pressure Sealer delivers powerful features in a compact package that allows individuals to conveniently process pressure-sensitive self-mailing documents. The ability to load up to 350 forms and process 11,000 per hour puts the FD 2032 in the top of its class, and six-digit counters, LED indicators, and advanced jog control ensure superior performance. A redesigned sliding fold plate makes setup easier than ever, and a wide variety of optional components means your Formax stays ahead of the curve for features and performance for years to come.

Of course, Formax leads the way with flexible designs, and the FD 2032 is a clear leader. The unit can handle documents ranging up to 8 1/2” x 14” and can process an enormous variety such as checks, tax forms, legal documents, licenses, and more.

The AutoSeal FD 2032 also creates opportunities to save time and increase efficiency with a laser printer and a pressure sealing system. Reliable and sturdy, the FD 2032 can withstand up to 11,000 items per hours without a hitch. This exceptional level of power is matched only by its convenient interface, and a typical user should feel relieved to handle fold plates that are engraved with clear designs for sorting files accordingly.

Standard Features:

Drop-In Feed System

  • Incorporates three rollers to eliminate fanning and secure dependable feeding

High Hopper Capacity

  • The Formax can hold 350 forms to keep the job running smoothly

Industry-leading Fold Plates

  • The FD 2032’s folding plates are designed to provide easy adjustments and fine tuning

A Resettable Counter Utilizing Six Digits

  • Seize the maximum level of audit control by taking advantage of the power of six accurate digits

Superior Jog Operation

  • Operators can rest comfortably knowing their paperwork is in good condition with greatly reduced static cling levels

14” Length Capabilities

  • Take advantage of a large system that can handle uneven panels up to 14 inches in size

Streamlined Desktop Form Factor

  • A clean and handsome construction that fits discreetly and easily into the office environment

Advanced Computational Display Diagnostics

  • The FD 2032 has a patented LED visualization system which communicates all system states and errors with relentless accuracy

Noise Elimination Technology

  • Thorough insulating layers create a formidable barrier that absorbs and nullifies sound shockwaves to facilitate peaceful respite

Solid Support for Industry Standards

  • The FD 2032 will process C, Z, V, uneven C and Z, and even custom folds to create endless opportunities for preparing and mailing documents

Optional Features

The P2032 Edition

  • A penultimate package that incorporates the FD 2032 alongside the 18 inch conveyor system and secured cabinet device into a cost-saving all-in-one masterpiece

Photo Eye-incorporated Conveyor system

  • Large 18 inch system delivers sterling stacking that will impress with its neatness and organization

402 Series Jogger Operation

  • Avoid the grim spectre of static discharge by employing the jogger to safely reduce electric build-up

FD 2000-35 Reverse Stacking Conveyor

  • Reverse your mailing order without a problem by integrating this mechanism

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MSRP $8,495 Call for Quote