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Formax AutoSeal® FD 1500Plus

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User Friendly, Mid Volume Capacity – The Formax AutoSeal® FD 1500Plus

When you’re sending out mid-volume mail runs, you need an envelope sealer that will handle your needs without putting a dent in your budget. With a high processing speed and multiple customizable options the Formax AutoSeal® FD 1500Plus may be just what you are looking for.

Proven Formax technology – at an economical price.

The Formax AutoSeal® FD 1500Plus has the quality and reliability you’re looking for in a mid-volume envelope sealer. It easily handles forms up to 8.5” x 14”, and can make any daily job simple. It features newly designed fold plates that are clearly marked, and simple to adjust. It can fold and seal virtually any mailer that you can create. When it is combined with a laser printer and pressure seal forms, you have a secure and time-saving solution for all of your paper processing needs – all at a great price.

The Formax AutoSeal® FD 1500Plus

The Formax AutoSeal® FD 1500Plus is built out of heavy steel, so it will be reliable and dependable for years to come. It packs a lot of power into its small footprint, and can process at a speed of up to 5,200 forms per hour. With an integrated output conveyer, your team can easily keep processed forms in sequential order.

This model is built to be user-friendly – and it exceeds expectations. With clearly marked fold plates, your team members can simply set up the job, drop in the feed system and press start to get the machine completing your biggest jobs. The LED light indicators guide operators and the six digit counter helps with audit control.

This model features:

  • A drop-in top feed system – no fanning required!
  • Integrated conveyor for sequential stacking of processed forms.
  • A user-friendly, desktop ready design.
  • Capacity for forms up to 14” in length.
  • Capabilities to fold Z, C, Uneven Z, Uneven C, Half and customized folds
  • Pre-marked popular fold plates to make switching form size quick and easy.
  • Resettable counter to keep your project on track.

The Formax AutoSeal® FD 1500Plus can also come with a locking cabinet or 402 series jogger as options.

Dependable, powerful and customizable – these features make the Formax AutoSeal® FD 1500Plus a must-have for your mid-volume mail needs.


Hopper Capacity:Up to 150 forms 24# (90gsm)
Fixed Speed:Up to 5,200 forms per hour
Paper Size:Up to 8.5’’ W x 14” L (216 W x 356 L mm)
Fold Types:Z, C, Uneven Z, Uneven C, Half, Custom folds
Power:FD Model: 120 Volts AC 50/60Hz
FE Model: 220 Volts AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions:37” L x 17” W x 13” H (940 L x 432 W x 330 H mm)
Weight:90 lbs (41kg)
Safety Certifications:UL Approved

Made in the USA

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MSPR $5,995 Call for a Quote!