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Formax AutoSeal® FD 1500

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Businesses that seek efficiency with processing documents will find that the Formax FD1500 AutoSeal is the solution for standard volumes. The FD1500 is built upon a foundation of sterling Formax technology that allows processing of up to 85 forms per minute. This combined with the ability to handle up to 14” documents enables average volume businesses to meet the needs of their applications quickly and efficiently.

Discontinued: Replaced by the Formax FD 1502

With advanced technology and dedicated systems, the Formax FD1500 offers high flexibility for demanding business environments. The system can handle multiple types of documents, such as checks, invoices, legal notices, school forms, and practically anything up to 8 1/2” x 14” dimensions. With its extendable fold plate, you’re now able to process non-standard forms, provided they fit within the maximum dimensions.

Dependability is also a top factor for Formax Systems. The FD1500 boasts a robust steel body that delivers larger unit expectations in a compact size, with a top speed of 85 forms per minute. This guarantees success with daily workloads.

Formax systems are widely regarded for their easy operations. The FD1500 is designed from the ground up for the average user. The learning curve is low, and most users are able to learn the system within minutes. Now, anybody can load forms using a convenient drop-in feed system, and convenient LED indicators ensure unit states are clearly communicated and understood.

Operating Features
Drop-In Feed System: A patented technology system drives the FD1500’s ability to handle documents without fanning paperwork
Compact Egronomics: Small and elegant design ensures a comfortable experience for installation and daily usage
Capable of Processing 14” forms: The FD1500’s flexibility allows most documents up to 14 inches long
Variety of Folding Types: If your business expects half and custom folds, C, Z, or Uneven Z standards, the Formax will deliver results
LED Information and Diagnostics: Advanced computational power drives a clear display that notifies users of system states and faults
Resettable Counter with Six digits: Ensures your business maintains impeccable audit control
Spoiler title
18 Inch Conveyor utilizing Photo Eye: Ensures your processing documents are neatly stacked and ordered
Cabinet with Locking Mechanism: Keep your forms secure with this proven safety system
402 Series Jogger: Helps prevent the risks of static electricity and aligns documents for successful feeding
FD 1500-35 Reverse Stacking Conveyor System: When documents need to be processed in reverse order, this system will enable it

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MSRP $4,495 Call for Current Pricing!