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Formax 7202 Series Inserter

Bring your productivity to a new level with the Formax 7202 Series Inserters with its combination of user-friendly innovation and flexibility.  Ease through job setup! The Formax 7202 Series will guide you through step by step on a 22” color touchscreen interface that including context-sensitive help on every screen. With the modular (sectional) design of the 72002 Series, you can have up to 11 feed stations, high-capacity feeders, and standard capacity feeders that hold up to 2,000 sheets. It can process up to 5,000 envelopes per hour and insert into flats up to 10” x 13”, fold up to 8 sheets at once!

The tower feeders of the Formax 7202 Series contain sensors allowing automatically re-start after the empty feeder is refilled. The top-loading High-Capacity Versatile Feeders have been redesigned! Now its even easier to reload on-the-fly, and they provide the ability to insert a variety of media, including glossy booklets, DVDs and small inserts up to 6mm thick. The top-loading envelope hopper of the Formax 7202 Series holds up to 800 #10 envelopes or 500 flats, in landscape orientation and allows for easy refilling and offers higher processing speeds, fewer jams, and lower envelope costs.

Additional user-friendly features include unlimited pre-programmed jobs, with automated fold plate adjustment. Setting a fold is super simple! Simply set the first fold plate and the second moves into place automatically based on media size. The Intelligent Tower can be equipped with 1 or 2 CIS scanners with the ability to read codes on both sides of an insert. Allowing for face-up or face-down feeding. An optional multi-read license is also available which reads Single-Track OMR, 2-Track OMR, BCR and 2D Data Matrix.

Standard features of the Formax 7202 Series Inserter include a High-Capacity 4-foot Output Conveyor which can be used straight-on or at a 90 degree angle to the system. A highspeed/capacity Accumulator and Divert Deck which holds up to 300 sheets, and custom cabinets. Options include High-Capacity Versatile Feeders (with or without Intelligence), an Envelope Sorter/Diverter, and two different catch trays.

Operating Features
Modular Design: Flexibility to add feed stations, from 1 to 11
Intuitive User Interface: 22” color touchscreen, with context-sensitive help on every screen
Quick and Easy Setup: Automatic job setup with document & envelope library
Programmable Jobs: Unlimited
Flats Insertion: Inserts into landscape format flat envelopes, up to 10” x 13”
Versatile: Inserts sets of up 50 sheets into flats, and thin booklets up to 6mm thick
Fast: Processes up to 5,000 envelopes per hour
Duty Cycle: Up to 200,000 envelopes per month
Powerful Folding Capacity: Folds up to 8 sheets at a time
Fold Types: C, Z, Half, Double Parallel and no fold
Auto Fold Plate Adjustment: Simply set the first fold plate and the second sets itself automatically
Document Feeder Capacity: Standard up to 500 each, high capacity up to 1,000 each
Envelope Feeder Capacity: Up to 800 #10 or 6” x 9” envelopes, up to 500 10” x 13” landscape flats
Double Document Detection: Mechanical, more accurate than light-based sensors
High-Capacity Output: 4-foot Output Conveyor can be used straight-on or at 90° to the system
Continuous Operation: Versatile Feeders are bottom-feeding for reloading on-the-fly
Accumulation/Divert Deck: High-speed/capacity accumulator, divert tray holds up to 300 sheets
Daily Mail Mode: Dedicated semi-automatic feed tray allows for feeding stapled or unstapled sets Cascade Mode / Feeder Auto Re-Start: Feeders can be linked to process up to 2,000 continuous sheets, and contain sensors for auto-start after refilling
Custom Cabinets: Ergonomically designed, moveable storage
Optional Intelligence Features
Single or Multi-Code Reading Licenses: Available for Tower Feeder and versatile feeders, able to read Single-Track OMR, Dual-Track OMR, 1D Barcode, 2D Data Matrix
2-Sided Code Reading: Single or double Tower CIS scanners read both sides of the sheet for maximum compatibility, allowing for face-up or face-down sheet feeding
Optional Features

High-Capacity Versatile Feeders: Process inserts up to 6mm thick, available with or without Intelligence
Output Options: Envelope Sorter/Diverter, Catch Tray, Sorter Catch Tray

Speed:Up to 5,000/hour #10 envelopes
Tower Feeder
Sheet Capacity:
Special 1F: One 1,000-sheet Flex-Feeder
Special 2: Two 500-sheet Flex-Feeders
Special 2F: Two 1,000-sheet Flex Feeders
Special 3F: Two 500-sheet Flex-Feeders on top and One 1,000-sheet Flex-Feeder on bottom
Special 4: Four 500-sheet Flex-Feeders
Versatile Feeder
Sheet Capacity:
Up to 1,000 sheets 20#
Up to 250 2.4mm booklets
Envelope Hopper:Top-loading, up to 800 standard envelopes or 500 flat envelopes (landscape orientation)
Tower Feeder Sheet Size:3.63” – 16” L x 5.75” – 12” W*
Versatile Feeder Insert Size:3.63” – 8.5” H x 5.75”- 12” W
Envelope Size:#10, 6” x 9”, flats up to 10” x 13”
Sheet/Insert Thickness:Tower Feeders: 70gsm up to 2 mm
Versatile Feeders: 70gsm up to 6mm
Dimensions & Weight:Tower Feeder w/Inserter Base: 107” L x 36” H x 25” D, 743 lbs.
High Capacity Versatile Feeders: 16” W each, 133 lbs.
Duty Cycle:Up to 200,000 pieces per month
Voltage:110 V, 60 Hz, 10Amp
Safety Certifications:UL, CE, FCC certified

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