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Formax 7100 Series Inserters

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Perfect for creating high-quality professional mail pieces in minutes, the 7100 Series Inserters are extremely adaptable to save your business time and money.  This machine supports a massive array of mailing applications, and the modular design accommodates a variety of envelope sizes.  It is capable of processing forms with address positions at the top, middle and bottom of mail pieces.

We offer two models, each of which can be expanded to meet the needs of your business:  The FD 7100-Basic 1, featuring daily mail and a one-sheet feeder, and the FD 7100-Basic 1 with daily mail and a three-sheet feeder.  Each model includes standard features, such as an OMR / BCR Accumulator, multi-sheet feeding, custom cabinet stands, and a Divert Tray that accurately redirects incomplete sets and misfeeds.

These machines are capable of handling mailing packets up to ¼” thickness, which allows it to be used in a variety of applications.  The 7100 series is extremely flexible and can be utilized to meet all of your organization’s needs for marketing collateral, monthly statements, invoices, monthly statements, invoices, booklets, and more.  The modular design and simple usability, coupled with durable construction, make these inserters the perfect solution for mailroom and office environments.

Standard Features:

  • 1 – 9 feeders available
  • Automated job setup
  • 20 jobs programmed into the system
  • 500 sheet capacity feeder
  • 400 envelope capacity feeder
  • Can process up to 4500 envelopes per hour
  • C, Z, Half and Double Parallel fold types
  • Folds as many as 8 sheets of paper
  • Accumulator enables OMR/BCR or multi-sheet feeding
  • Misfeeds and incomplete sets redirected via Divert Tray
  • Envelope Output Conveyor
  • Top, middle and bottom address positions available with 3-plate folder
  • Processes ¼” thick mail pieces
  • Devoted hand-feed station
  • Custom cabinet stands


  • Inserts into 6.5” H x 10.375” W envelopes
  • Automatically inserts and/or fold into business reply envelopes and cards
  • Multi-feeding feature enables a set number of pieces to be pulled from a feeder and then collated and inserted automatically
  • Cascade from feeders
  • Daily Mail mode inserts stapled sets of up to 8 sheets; this is available on the Basic 1 & 3 models

Module Options:

  • Single insert feeder
  • Double insert feeder
  • Single sheet feeder (2-plate folder, nested only)

Accessory Options:

  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
  • Barcode Recognition (BCR)
  • Paper Jogger


The 7100 Series has the flexibility to handle a large variety of applications, and can grow with your organization’s evolving needs.  It is capable of processing a number of diverse inserts and forms up to 16” long, and can fold and insert stapled sets through the dedicated Daily Mail feeder.  It can process documents with top, middle or bottom address positions.  The unique modular design can meet changing business needs using 1 to 9 feed stations.  Each model can be expanded, but the base 7100 series inserters are a cost-effective investment for your business.


Capable of processing up to 4500 envelopes each hour, this powerful machine can produce a total of 150,000 finished pieces per month, and the folding system can fold as many as 8 sheets at a time.  Cascade Mode allows feeders to be linked, which maximizes output by connecting feeders that are filled with identical documents.  Each feeder automatically begins feeding when the previous feeder is emptied, allowing for a capacity of 750 sheets.  Up to 400 envelopes can be loaded into the top-loading envelope hopper in order to optimize productivity.


Detectors located on both feeders ensure document integrity by detecting duplicates and document length.  Security can be augmented through the implementation of an optional Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) or Bar Code Recognition (BCR) system.  These features enable automated insertion of multiple-page documents, which eliminates the tiresome task of collating and inserting by hand.  A number of OMR and BCR options are available to match your needs.

Easy to Operate:

The modular design and intuitive interface allow the operator to quickly gain a full understanding of the system operations.  The control panel guides the user through individual functions and job programming; up to 20 jobs can be stored and accessed for faster processing of frequently processed or recurring applications.  These features combine to offer increased efficiency for every operator.


SpeedUp to 4500 10# envelopes per hour
Feed HoppersAs many as 500 20# sheets in top tray; 250 sheets in lower trays
Envelope HopperTop loading, up to 400 envelopes
Sheet Feeder Weight and Size5.5” – 16” H x 5.5” – 9” W / 16lb – 32lb *
Insert Feeder Size and Weight/Thickness3” – 6” H x 5.5” – 9.5” W / 16lb to 5/32” thick *
Envelope Size3.5” – 6.5” H x 6.0” – 10.375” W *
Set Thickness1/4” (6mm)
Dimensions130” L x 59” H x 21” D (Four-module configuration)
Weight715 lbs. (Four-module configuration)
Duty CycleUp to 150000 pieces per month
Voltage110 VAC (60 Hz)
Safety CertificationsUL, CSA Certified

*Envelope and paper specifications may vary.  Media must be tested.

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MSRP Starting at $35,750 Call for a Quote!