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Formax 6604 Series Folder Inserters

Formax 6604 Series Folder Inserters

The 6604 Series s adaptable for any of your inserting and folding jobs, and can be configured with 2 to 7 insert stations, allowing you to meet your inserting needs with unparalleled flexibility.  The 6604 Series features a number of input configurations, including 1 or 2 high-capacity production feeders, and a document feeder that allows up to 725 sheets.  Standard and specialty feeders coupled with short feed trays allow for quick production times and the flexibility you need to meet your schedule, and is able to fold and insert documents that are addressed on the top, middle and bottom into top-flap envelopes.**

This industry-grade machine includes a full-color 10.4” touchscreen panel, a top-loading envelope hopper with a 500-envelope capacity, and a vertical output stacker that can hold up to 500 filled envelopes.  This series also includes an energy-efficient feature that places the inserter into standby mode after an hour of inactivity.

Several Barcode Recognition (BCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) levels are available in the 6604 Series, along with an innovative CIS scanning feature, which offers greater flexibility and productivity for all match mailings.  Other options include a slim booklet feeder for up to 325 inserts, high-capacity envelope hopper and output conveyor for as many as 1,000 envelopes each, cabinet, side exit tray, and 402 Series Joggers.

Standard Features Include:

  • Single-touch setup with AutoSet™.
  • Capable of processing 4,300 envelopes per hour.
  • Diverter:  Double documents and incomplete document sets are redirected automatically without interrupting the system.
  • A pair of double-document detectors ensures that only one document is pulled at a time.
  • Sectional design includes up to 7 feed stations.
  • Can fold up to 10 half-fold sheets of paper and up to 8 tri-fold sheets.
  • A full-color 10.4 inch touchscreen control panel can be adjusted to suit the operator’s height.
  • 25 programmable jobs.
  • 500 filled envelopes can be held in the vertical stacker, with reverse stacking output.
  • 725 sheets can be held in the High-Capacity Document Feeder.
  • The top-loading envelope hopper is capable of holding 500 envelopes for continual operation and simple reloading.
  • Fold types include: C, Half, Z, Double Parallel and no-fold
  • Automated standby mode is energy-efficient

System Capabilities:

  • The Daily Mail mode enables insertion of stapled sets.
  • Inserts into envelopes with the following dimensions:  6.4”H x 9.8”W
  • Multi-Feeding: A set-number of pieces can be pulled from a single feeder, collated and inserted automatically.
  • Folds and/or insert sheets, business reply envelopes and cards automatically.
  • Folds and/or inserts top, middle and bottom-address documents into top-flap envelopes**.


  • Thin Booklet Feeder: Inserts pre-folded documents or booklets that are up to 2.5 mm thick.
  • Production Feeders: 1 or 2 feeders send up to 1,200 sheets or 375 BREs.
  • High-Capacity Envelope Hopper: Contains up to 1,000 envelopes.
  • High-Capacity Output Conveyor: Contains up to 1,000 filled envelopes.
  • Slide Exit Tray: Holds up to 500 filled envelopes.
  • 1D, 2D Data Matrix and Flex BCR.
  • 1-Track, 2-Track and Flex OMR.
  • Short Feed Trays, Joggers and Cabinets.

Fast and Powerful

The Formax 6604 Series Folder Inserters can process up to 4,300 envelopes in an hour, producing up to 80,000 finished mail pieces each month.  The system can fold up to 10 sheets in half-fold and up to 8 sheets in tri-fold mode. The standard feeders hold up to 325 sheets apiece, and the High-Capacity Document Feeder can hold up to 725 sheets. Cascade mode maximizes output by linking several feeders that are filled with the same document.  With this method, when one feeder empties, the following one automatically begins feeding, for a total capacity of 2,025 sheets.


The unique modular design of the Formax 6604 Series enables upgrades that allow any business to meet their frequently-changing business needs.  Documents up to 14” long, including invoices, reply envelopes and checks can be inserted in nearly any combination.  It is capable of folding and inserting top, middle and bottom-addressed documents into top-flap envelopes**, and is able to handle glossy or thick stock using specially-made feeders.  This series uses advanced inserting capabilities with a standard 725-sheet High-Capacity Document Feeder, with up to 2 optional production Feeders that can contain 1,200 sheets or 325 BREs each, an optional Thin Booklet Feeder for as many as 325 inserts, and High-Capacity Envelope Hopper for up to 1,000 envelopes. The vertical output stacker can hold 500 filled envelopes without breaking their original order.  Output configurations include an exit tray on the side of the unit for up to 500 envelopes and an output conveyor that can contain 1,000 filled envelopes.


Detectors located at the feeder and the insertion area identifies double-documents to ensure that these are not fed into the system.  The Formax 6604 Series uses electromechanical detectors that function with any print density, thickness, paper dust, or paper color.  Documents that need special handling or inspection can be diverted instantly into a diversion station without interrupting the production of the system, to allow for inspection.  An optional Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Barcode Recognition (BCR) feature new Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning technology that scans the full document, providing increased document design flexibility while reducing setup time between applications with codes in different positions.  Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Barcode Recognition (BCR) allow for the automatic insertion of multi-page documents, depending on the mark, which eliminates the tiresome task of manually collating and inserting.

Energy Efficient & Easy to Use

A 10.4” color touchscreen allows users to operate the device intuitively, and can be re-positioned for optimal viewing at any angle, regardless of the operator’s height.  The new AutoSet™ feature allows adjustments to fold length, fold type, envelope size, paper length and double-document detection are set automatically.  Up to 25 jobs can be programmed by the operator, including the option to seal envelopes.  A top-loading envelope hopper and feeder cascade mode optimize operator efficiency and increase productivity.  New energy-efficient features place the user in standby mode after 1 hour without activity.

Technical Specifications

Feed Hopper CapacityUp to 325 sheets, 20# paper (each feeder)
Envelope Hopper CapacityTop-loading device that can hold up to 500 envelopes
Vertical Output StackerCapacity of 500 filled envelopes reverse stacking output.
Production Feeder (optional)1,200 sheets / 325 BREs each; up to 2 can be installed
Side Exit Tray (optional)Up to 500 filled envelopes
SpeedAs many as 4,300 pieces/hour, #10 envelopes
Duty CycleUp to 80,000 pieces/month
Paper Size*3.5” – 14” L x 5” – 9” W
Envelope Size*5.5” – 9.8” W x 3.5” – 6.4” H
Dimensions63” L x 36” H x 18” D (six-station models)
WeightApproximately 308 lbs. (six-station models)
Voltage100 Volts AC 50/60 hz
Safety CertificationsUL and CSA-Approved

*Variances in paper and envelope specifications are possible. Media must be tested prior to use.

**Documents with bottom-address format may be processed only in Half and Z-fold modes, up to 5 sheets at a time.

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