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Formax 6308 Series Inserters

The Formax 6308 series of inserters was specifically created to meet the demands of offices of any size, providing user-friendly features while offering exceptional productivity. There are four standard models to choose from, with each offering its own set of configuration options for optimal performance.

Users can simplify the setup process by storing up to 50 programmable jobs for quick and seamless operation, eliminating repetitive adjustments while saving time and boosting productivity.

Enhancing efficiency, the High-Capacity Document Feeder of the 6308 series can accommodate up to 725 sheets seamlessly without interruption in continuous operations. Available options for standard and special feed trays as well as short feeding trays, further expand its flexibility for different document sizes and types.

The Formax 6308 series inserters comes equipped with an assortment of standard features designed to optimize its functionality. A high-capacity vertical output stacker with enough space for up to 500 envelopes reduces the need for constant monitoring and unloading, while its 7″ full-color touchscreen control panel features intuitive adjustments suited for users of all skill levels – making this machine accessible and user-friendly.

Fold and insert up to 10 sheets at half fold at once with ease with the powerful 6308 series, processing documents of various lengths and sizes at speeds up to 3,800 pages per hour for efficient operations, even under high-volume tasks with tight deadlines.

Select models of the 6308 series offer superior intelligence and versatility with the inclusion of CIS scanners, providing an accurate reading of codes such as OMR forms, barcodes (1D, 2D, and 3D), and QR codes without physical adjustments being needed to read them accurately. Furthermore, full-width scanning systems guarantee full document coverage so as to eliminate manual adjustments during reading sessions.

To enhance productivity and meet unique business requirements, the inserter offers an array of optional features and accessories to customize it further. Add-ons like production feed that holds up to 1,200 sheets or 325 BREs; short-feed trays; Formax MailDocTM software; side exit trays capable of holding 400 filled envelopes – among others – can all help personalize it according to individual business needs.

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