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Formax 6206 Series Inserters

MSRP Base Price $11,650, $16,250 as seen in video. Call for a Quote!

Say Goodbye to Envelope Stuffing with a Formax 6206 Series Folder/Inserter

NO LONGER AVAILABLE NEW, See the 6204 Series or the 6210 Series

There’s no type of mailer as prone to errors as one that contains multiple inserts.  After all, stuffing and checking each envelope by hand can be time-consuming, resulting in worker fatigue.  If you send out a lot of multi-part mailers, take a gander at what’s new in folder/inserter technology.  These pieces of mailing equipment are mechanical wonders, capable of stuffing a variety of offerings into a single envelope, completely error-free.

Mailing Equipment to Improve Customer Satisfaction

There’s probably not one piece of equipment that could improve your customers’ satisfaction as quickly and thoroughly as a folder/inserter.  Whether you’re using optional OCR software to help sort invoices or simply fulfilling information requests, your customers will be happier with more accurate mailings.

You can do a lot with this type of mailing equipment, depending on the configuration you choose.  It’ll easily insert business cards, return envelopes, single-page fliers or multiple pages into one envelope, up to eight pages per envelope.  The colorful and user-friendly touchscreen will walk you through any job using the built-in job wizard and you can save that job’s programming for later if you plan to perform it again and again.

Formax 6206 Series Inserters

The Formax 6206 Series Inserters are the perfect flexible mailing tool for your busy office.  Don’t miss these great features:

  • Optional OCR and BCR to help determine which documents go together into which envelope.
  • OCR and BCR read both horizontally and vertically.
  • Save up to 20 jobs in the machine’s memory for later use.
  • Batch counter and lifetime counter to track your device’s use.
  • Folds options available: C, V, Z, double parallel and no fold.
  • Easily accepts stapled page sets.

Folding and inserting isn’t a tedious, time consuming task when you’ve got a Formax 6206 Series Inserter in your mailroom.

Download the Formax 6202 Inserter Brochure


Feeder Capacity:Up to 250 sheets, 20# paper (each feeder)
Envelope Hopper Capacity:Up to 250 envelopes, top-loading
BRE/Insert Feeder (optional):Up to 250 BREs or up to 700 inserts
Vertical Output Stacker:Up to 250 filled envelopes, reverse stacking output
Speed:Up to 2,400 pieces per hour
Duty Cycle:Up to 20,000 pieces per month
Paper Size*:3.5” – 14” L x 5” – 9” W
Envelope Size*:6.3” – 9.5” L x 3.5” – 6.3” W
Programmable Jobs:20
Dimensions:31.5” L x 26.9” H x 17.5” W
Weight:Approx. 121 lbs
Voltage:100 Volts AC 50/60Hz
Safety Certifications: UL, CE approved

* Paper & envelope specifications may vary. All media must be tested.

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MSRP Base Price $11,650, $16,250 as seen in video. Call for a Quote!