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Powerful postal software doesn’t get more cost effective than this!

Scalable to meet your postal presorting needs and budget!

With All For Mailers Inc. SortForMailers.com you pay for what you need and use, and nothing else.
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A smarter alternative to mailing software … no more expensive add-ons, updates or maintenance.
MailPreparer™ is the ONLY Safe and Secure provider of USPS PAVE (Gold) Certified presort processing via the internet.
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  1. Upload your file!
  2. Answer some basic questions about your data
  3. Select the service level to be performed.
  4. Done! Download your completed files!

MailPreparer™ in conjunction with MailListCleaner™ provides a complete suite of data hygiene and mailing preparation services to meet every mailer’s needs.

CASSNCOAPresortOther Available Services
Web-Based Service (No Software to install)
Standardizes Address Data
Appends Zip Codes
Appends Zip+4
Appends Delivery Point Barcode (DPBC)
Appends Carrier Route information
Appends County data
Provides USPS® CASS™ (Form 3553) Summary Report
Corrects/Appends Suite information – USPS® SuiteLink
Appends NEW address information(1)
Qualifies for USPS® Move Update Requirements
Appends Mailability Indicator
Appends Move Type (Individual, Family, or Business)
Appends Move Effective Date
Summary and Statistical Move Reporting
Locatable Address Correction LACSLink processing
USPS PAVE (Gold) Certified Process
Sorts mailing list to obtain greatest level of postal discounts
Produces USPS required paperwork
Produces USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode
Palletization for Sacks and Trays
Palletization for Flats bundles
Provides Dynamic Drop Shipping
with business rules to NDC, ADC, and SCF
Produces IDEAlliance Mail.dat
Flag Duplicate Addresses
MailPieceTracker (CONFIRM Tracking)

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