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AFM80ST Low Cost Postage Stamp Applier and Tabber

With an All For Mailers Inc. AFM80ST Low-Cost Postage Stamp Applier and Tabber, you can apply live postage automatically!

This new Automatic Stamping option allows you to apply USPS Postage Stamps to number #10 Envelopes at up to 4,800 per hour.  Smaller mailers will run even faster!  The AFM80ST can apply postage to mailers up to 14 inches wide.  Yes, you can apply postage on anything from a small postcard to a Legal Envelope and everything in between.  Switching to applying stamps is simple and can be on in under a minute.

Used / Refurbished units are often available as low as $3,995

All For Mailers AFM80ST Postage Stamp Applier and Single Tabber

The AFM80ST Stamper and Single Tabber can make a world of difference to your business.  Just take a look at these features:

  • Applies single USPS Postage Stamps
  • Applies single paper tabs, as well as clear and translucent tabs.  On the leading edge or up to 14 inches from the leading edge to act as a seel
  • Integrated feeder holds up to 200 #10 envelopes.
  • LCD Job Counter accurately tracks jobs up to 99,999 pieces.
  • Accepts standard tabs from 5/8 inch to 1 1/4 inches.  Refurbished models may only do up to 1″ tabs
  • Feeds materials up to 5/32 inch thick.
  • Easily attaches inline to other mailroom equipment for full automation.

Look no further for an automatic machine that’ll make quick work of your stamping or sealing duties – the All For Mailers AFM80S is everything you could ever want for a price even a small business can afford.

Here’s a video of a refurbished AFM80ST Postage Stamp Applier PB Version applying USPS 1 Cent stamps on postcards

Tab MaterialsClear, Translucent, or Paper
Tabbing Speed /
Stamping Speed
12,000 pieces per hour (8.5″ tri-folded mailer)
4,800 pieces per hour (Standard #10 Envelope)
Material SizeMinimum (W x L):  3″ x 5″
Maximum (W x L):  17” x 11”
Material ThicknessUp to 5/32”
Feeder-CapacityUp to 200 #10 envelopes
Tab Size5/8″ to 1-1/2″ Used models may only do up to 1″
Tab SensitivityAdjusts for density in tab/wafer seals
Reel Capacity9” Diameter (3” core)
Counter5-digit LCD (operator resettable)
Duty Cycle30 million addresses total or 500,000 per month over a 5-year life cycle
Dimensions25″ W x 15.5″ D x 22″ H
Weight40 lbs
Electrical115VAC or 240VAC 50/60 Hz
OptionsConveyor / Stacker / Dryer, Drop Tray

As a sales rep about a Refurbished AFM80ST Stamp Applier

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