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AFM300S Envelope Sealer

AFM300S Envelope Sealer Feeder

The AFM300S Envelope Sealer will probably be the last envelope sealer you ever need to purchase!

This durable envelope sealing machine seals all common envelope formats from C6/5 to C4 Pocket cleanly and quickly.
Up to 300 per minute quickly!
The AFM300S envelope sealer allows you to get the job done FAST with high speed and simple setup.
With the AFM300S Envelope Sealer, no manual opening of the flaps, handling or pressing of the letter piles is necessary.

The AFM300S Envelope Sealer is the results of decades of development and production experience in mail processing machines – a fully developed quality Swiss product!

AFM300S-transport-sThe new AFM300S features a deep design (460mm) and is therefore suitable for all common envelope formats C5, C6 / 5, C4 and B4 plus C4 Pocket (324 x 229 mm) ideal with flap on the short side!

Use Supplies For Mailers ‘Sealing Fluid’ Concentrate to activate the glue fast and reduce buildup if mold.

The AFM300S Envelope Sealer is available in two series:

  • The standard version of the AFM300S envelope sealer can be used for all common envelopes with formats C6/5 to C4/B4, even square flap envelopes, with flap on length side. This model is equipped with a short receiving tray (278 mm). Optionally it can be equipped with a long receiving tray used for C4 and B4 formats (380 mm, option G) or as a «DES» Version.
  • As standard, the AFM300SE also feature an integrated photoelectric infrared switching system with automatic start/stop function during processing. Hands are therefore free to add another pile of letters and remove the already sealed letters from the receiving tray. There will be no empty cycles and so no additional wear! The model «SATURN» also has piling option (O). This option can seal both normal stacked envelopes and nested envelopes!

The AFM300S running square flap envelopes

The video below is the AFM300SE Envelope Sealer running nested envelopes in slow motion.

Common Mercure Sealer Secap 720 Parts:

  1. Separating Rubber
  2. Conveyor Belt
  3. Knurled-head Nut for holdfast of Separating Rubber

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