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Accufast P8 Addressing System

The AccuFast P8 Addressing System – One Great Big Address Printer in a Desktop Package

One of the toughest challenges for businesses everywhere is printing on the irregular surfaces created by mailers with thick flaps or other irregular surfaces.  The innovative AccuFast P8 Addressing System solves this and other common mailing problems with its individually adjustable eight-cartridge print bank.


Accufast P8 Addressing System

The Last Address Printer You’ll Ever Need

Most of the time, your current address printer or label applicator works excellent if you don’t ask it to do anything unique or different.  Unfortunately, those special and other things set you apart from your competition, giving your mailings a professional edge.  Along with its independent banks of print heads, the AccuFast P8 Addressing System also has the most vacuum power of any tabletop address printer on the market.

Controlling each print head on the entire 14-inch print path is excellent, but what’s even better is when your printer can communicate with other devices on your line to create even more automation, including custom mail sorting.  Optional features include imagers with automatic capping and wiping and camera attachments to give you a full range of functionality that can’t be equaled.
Accufast P8 with camera

AccuFast P8 Addressing System

The AccuFast P8 Addressing System is way more than a match for any label applicator or addressing system on the market.  Take a look at its other features:

  • Accepts documents up to 3/4 inches thick.
  • The print area totals 4 inches, split into two 2-inch sections.
  • The adjustable production speed of up to 50 inches per second.
  • Twin belt vacuum transport with 330 cfm flow rate.
  • Communicates using the compliant print driver or included Jet Engine Design software.
  • Integrates with I/O capable feeders and inserters.

When you need more customization than you ever thought possible with an address printer, you need the AccuFast P8 Addressing System.  Click here to learn more!

Layout Design Example 1

Technical Specs

  • Measures 22” l x 14” h x 20.5 w
  • Weighs 55 pounds.
  • Maximum document size: 14” l x 17” w x 3/4” h
  • Print resolution of up to 600 x 600.
  • Connect via Ethernet or USB.
  • UV Cure inks and drying systems optional.
  • Requires 120 volt 5 amps 60 Hz or 230 volts 3 amp 50 Hz grounded outlet or Uninterrupted Power Supply.

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