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Accufast HDF Feeder

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Complete Your Mailroom with the AccuFast HDF Friction Feeder

Your friction feeder is the most overlooked piece of mail equipment in your entire mailroom, at least that’s the case until it jams, refuses to feed or feeds multiple pages simultaneously, costing you time and money.  Don’t fight through one more troubled mail-out with your old feeder, upgrade to a machine that’s designed to be an invisible, reliable part of the mailing process.

NOTE!: Accufast Closed before COVID! New Units are no longer being made

Mail Equipment Should Fit Together Seamlessly

Unlike other friction feeders that may have too small motors or lack high quality separators, the AccuFast HDF Feeder is built to last and fit seamlessly into your existing mailing process.  Oscillating feeder rolls and twin separators help ensure that your print stock passes easily from the feeder to the mail equipment that follows it without sticking, jamming or pulling extra pages through.  Reinforced paper guides, card stack pressure plates and the large motor keep that paper on a straight path for a perfectly placed imprint every time.

Imagine being able to finally fully automate your glossy mailers!  The time you used to spend watching that pricey glossy paper go through your old feeder can be better spent helping new customers or strengthening your connection to the old ones.  Of course, mailers aren’t the only thing the AccuFast HDF Feeder can do – feed it paper for fancy tri-fold brochures, fliers, coupons or even catalogs.  The sky’s the limit with its extra large capacity material holder!

AccuFast HDF Feeder

The AccuFast HDF Feeder will complete your mailroom with the following features:

  • Print speed of up to 250 feet per minute.
  • Feeds a material stack up to 12 inches.
  • Accepts material as thick as 1/2 inch.

Choosing a feeder has never been this easy – the AccuFast HDF Feeder goes way beyond the competition.

Technical Specs

  •  Weight: 95 pounds.
  • Available as a table top unit or mounted on your choice of stands.

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MSRP $3,670 Call for a Quote