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Accufast FX Feeder

Accufast FX Feeder – The Friction Feeder That Lives Up to Its Name

It doesn’t matter what type of mailing pieces you’re compiling – you need to feed them into envelopes quickly and reliably. Don’t let other mail equipment slow you down. With the Accufast FX Feeder you’ll have your mailing compiled quickly and accurately. It’s a feeder you can rely on.

NOTE!: Accufast Closed before COVID! New Units are no longer being made

Save Time with Reliable Technology

Repetitive jobs like feeding mailing pieces into envelopes can suck up time – but dealing with machines that break down, jam or otherwise cause problems can be just as much of a time waster. When you want the job done right, and reliably, turn to Accufast. The FX Feeder model is a friction feeder you can rely on. You can set this mail equipment to work for you right away, then walk away to attend to more important jobs.

The Accufast FX Feeder

With the Accufast FX Feeder, you can fill envelopes with brochures, self-mailers, double postcards and similar mail pieces. Easily feed up to 20,000 pieces per hour – at multiple sizes. The FX feeder model can handle pieces 5” to 18” wide, up to 14” long. It can adjust to thicknesses between 20 lb. to 3/8” thick. With mail piece extensions, you can stack heights up to 8”. Weighing just 48 lbs, and with a foot print of 16” x 23” it packs a lot of power in a small space.

This model features:

  • A pair of adjustable guides to allow the ability for skew-free feeding.
  • Feeding rates of up to 20,000 pieces per hour.
  • Multiple line voltage options.
  • A high speed option with the FC-03 model.

Feed more in less time with the Accufast FX Feeder!

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