Types of Mailing Equipment

There are many types of equipment used in the mailing and printing industry. The most common are address and envelope printers, tabbers, folder/inserters and pressure sealers. All For Mailers is proud to offer you industry leading software and equipment built specifically to improve the accuracy of data processing and the speed and efficiency of tabbing, folding, inserting and printing of mail pieces. Give one of our knowledgeable sales associates a call and they can help find the right piece of mailing equipment for you.

Walco SL204 Autoloading Shingle Feeder

  • Feeds the most difficult material with ease!
  • From face shields on chemical suits to Poly Bags with Zipper to odd size small boxes
  • Material Size: Min. 3″W x 4″L – Max 19.5″W x 28″L
  • Material Thickness: Up to 3/4″ Max (In Standard Configuration)


AFM80ST Low Cost Postage Stamp Applier and Tabber

With an All For Mailers Inc. AFM80ST Low Cost Postage Stamp Applier and Tabber you can apply live postage automatically!

This new Automatic Stamping option allows you to apply USPS Postage Stamps to number #10 Envelopes at up to 4,800 per hour.

Greenwave 430 Cardboard Perforator

  • Perforates cardboard up to 0.79” thick
  • Perforates & trims in one pass
  • Creates eco-friendly packing materials
  • Mobile unit on casters
  • Simple push-button operation
  • Up to 40 fpm

Greenwave 410 Cardboard Perforator

  • Perforating Speed: Up to 34 fpm (10.4m/min)
  • Maximum Perforating Width: Up to 16” (410mm)
  • Maximum Input Thickness: Up to .4” (10mm)

Quadient AS-850 Address Printer by Rena

  • In-line printer
  • Accommodates 8 Inkjet Cartridges for  4” max print height across  Three Print Units (1”+2”+1”)
  • USB 3.0/LAN/WiFi connectivity
  • Print quality: 150, 200, 300 & 600 DPI
  • Up to 34,000 postcards/hour • Up to 26,000 #10 envelopes/hour
  • Thickness up to 1/2″
  • Optional Feeder and Riser or bring you’re own
  • Available AS-850R for right to left operation

Rena AS-650 Address Printer by Quadient

  • Interactive Color Touch Screen Display
  • Fixed head technology with four cartridges for 3″ of print height
  • 26,000 No. 10 envelopes/hr
  • High Speed USB 3.0, Ethernet, WiFi

Rena AS-450 Addressing System

  • Interactive Color Touch Screen Display
  • Fixed head technology with four cartridges for 2″ of print height
  • 22,000 No. 10 envelopes/hr
  • High Speed USB 3.0, Ethernet, WiFi

FD 38X Fully-Automatic Tabletop Folder

  • Fully automatic settings
  • 2.8″ LCD display
  • Speed: up to 20,100/hour
  • Multi-sheet feeder
  • AutoStack™ stacker wheels

Formax FD 6104 Affordable Small Office Inserter

  • Color touchscreen interface
  • Speed: Up to 1,350/hr
  • Paper Size: Up to 8.5″ x 14″
  • Up to 15 programmable jobs
  • #10 & 6″ x 9.5″ envelopes

Rena AS-150 Small Media Printer

  • Processes as many as 5,500 #10 envelopes per hour
  • Print up to 7,500 coin-size envelopes or seed packets per hour
  • Offers four levels of print quality
  • Holds up to 300 envelopes in feeder

Postmatic Stamp Affixing System

  • Up to 18,000 per hour
  • Fits Inline meter bases from Hasler Neopost and Pitney Bowes
  • Works inline with inserters and addressing systems.

Walco VF200AL High Speed Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder With Auto Loader

Take production to the next level!  Just add an intelligent autoloader to the best vacuum friction feeder on the market and allow 1 person to run a large mailing all by themselves!

Formax FD 300

The FD 300 is a Low cost, simple to use folder

  • Clearly-marked fold settings
  • Push-button operation
  • Speed: up to 7,400/hr
  • Folds 11″ and 14″ paper
  • Hopper capacity: 200 sheets
  • LCD control panel
  • AutoBatch

Cost Effective Postal Software

It doesn’t get more cost effective than this!
Pay for what you need and use, and nothing else. Or purchase a yearly subscription.
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A smarter alternative to mailing software … no more expensive add-ons, updates or maintenance.
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SECAP DA80F – SA5000 Addressing Printer

Newly redesigned DA80F aka SA5000 based of the original Bryce / Secap 22K

  • Up to 22,000 #10 envelopes/hr. in super draft quality * Speeds may vary depending on media size
  • Total of 1.5” of print using 3 pens over image area of 13″ x 13.5″
  • Accepts Media:  Width 3” to 13” – Length 5” to 15.5” – Thickness: up to 1/4”
  • Improved transport system

SECAP DA50s – SA3100 Addressing Printer

Hi-speed, high quality – the ultimate in versatility. If you’re a small volume mailer, the Secap DA50S – SA3100 Addressing Printer is the perfect choice.

Walco 350IJ Inkjet Imaging System

Mailroom equipment like the Walco 350IJ are designed to reduce errors, dry any ink before it is ever handled to reduce smudges and speed up your small business mail campaign.  The faster your materials are in the hands of your potential customers, the sooner they’ll be knocking down your door.

Walco 655MB Multibase System Addressing System

The Walco 655MB Series incorporates inkjet printing and drying systems on the same transport base.  It was engineered for the high volume use demanded by today’s commercial environment. This versatile tranport system was designed for ease of use along with accuracy of product registration. The ergonomic operator panel allows for independent control of transport devices including dryer temperature control.

Walco Combo Feed and Transport Systems

These industrial strength specialty Feeders/Transports are easily integrated in-line with production equipment and are sure to improve production. Walco Combo Feed and Transport systems are User friendly, easy to operate and capable of handling pieces up to 1″ thick.

Walco Industrial Inkjet Drying Systems

It doesn’t matter what you’re mailing, if it comes through smudged, smeared or otherwise streaked, your customers are going to notice right away.  That’s not a worry when you add the Walco Industrial Inkjet Drying System to your team of mailroom equipment.