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New Formax FD 87 Casino Shredder

Published: May 2, 2017

Formax FD 87 Casino Shredder

For Casino’s, security is paramount! This true whether it’s behind the scenes or on the gambling floor. And that is why Formax now has the Formax FD 87 Casino Shredder

The new Formax FD 87 Casino Shredder is specially designed with the rugged, industrial strength to ensure used gaming pieces stay out of the wrong hands. And we’re not just talking gaming pieces! It can shred an entire deck of cards in seconds! Casino chips? No problem for the FD 87! How about dice? Dice should be a challenge, right!?! WRONG! If you did not watch the video above, go back and watch how easily it rips them to shreds within seconds.

Controls for the Formax FD 87 Casino Shredder

Solid-steel cutting blades and a heavy-duty motor easily shred entire decks of playing cards, multiple dice, poker chips, and gaming tokens.

The formax FD 87 rips poker chips, a deck of cards, even dice to shreds insert a deck of cards into the Formax FD 87 casino shredder Waste bin on the formax fd 87 casino shredder

FD 87 Key Features:

  • Shreds playing cards, dice, poker chips, and gaming tokens
  • Fully-enclosed shredding chamber with plexi window
  • User-friendly LED Control Panel
  • Heat-treated solid steel cutting blades
  • All-metal cabinet on casters
  • Safety key lock

Download the Product Information Sheet and give us a call for pricing and more information. 866-430-2874

Yes, you can use it for standard items like invoices, secure documents, customer lists, just like any other shredder. However, for the most sensitive of paper items, you may want to consider something like the

FD 8300HS High Security Deskside Shredder
The Formax FD 8300HS High Security Deskside Shredder offers Level 7 Security in a compact, rugged design that fits right under a desk to shred “Top Secret” or classified documents. An easy-to-use LED control panel puts the power right at your fingertips, and commercial-grade components ensure durability. This cross-cut model can shred up to 8 sheets at once, up to 23 feet per minute, with a shred size of 1/32” x 3/16”. It has been evaluated by the NSA and meets the requirements of NSA/CSS specification 02-01 for Level 7 high-security cross-cut shredders. In addition, the ECO Mode saves energy by automatically switching into standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.

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