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What are mailers with tear off edges called?

Published: July 18, 2009

As companies look to reduce mailing costs, we are getting this question a lot!

They are called pressure sealed self-mailer.
It is the simplest and often the most cost-effective form of mailing!

All you need is a laser printer, monochrome or color with an exit tray that allows the paper to come out the back of the printer, pressure sealer, and special pressure sealable paper.  CLICK HERE to Shop Pressure Sealers

Done correctly all you need to do is print and your done!
Easy 1 step mailings!  You are limited to 1 page.

This method is commonly used to mail check and secure confidential information.

If your laser printer doesn’t have a rear exit, you can use a stand-alone pressure sealer.  Just print your mailing with your laser then take the stack and place it in the pressure sealer.  See the Formax FD 1202 in the 2nd video below.

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