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Used Mailing Equipment Blow Out Sale! Envelope Printers, Wafer Sealers and Folder Inserters!

Published: January 22, 2010

All For Mailer has the following refurbished mailing equipment for sale!

For more information Call 866-430-2874

  • Neopost AS-73P/Rena Imager 1.5 rebuilt address printer  – 9,000 per hour  $2,495.00
    Dependable and very durable entry level address printer at a fraction of the new cost.
    Rena Envelope Imager 1.5
  • Neopost SA-50S/Rena Imager 1 enhanced rebuilt address printer  $2,695.00
    Speeds of up to 24,000 per hour and the best durability in its price range.  Our preferred 1.5″ entry level printer- requires almost no service and interfaces easily.
    Image of a Imager I - Neopost SA50S
  • Secap 22K rebuilt address printer  $3,495.00
    The unit has low piece count and is in excellent condition.
    This printer and conveyor combo are one of the most desirable on the market.
    For addressing ink for any of these printers visit SuppliesForMailers.com
    Secap 22k address printer
  • Neopost SA-60/Rena Imager 2 rebuilt address printer with Neopost three foot conveyor and 1000 watt dryer $3,495.00
    The unit has only 126,000 total pieces and is in great condition.
    Capable of printing at up to 33,000 per hour and handling materials up to 1/4″ thick.
    The Neopost SA-60 is the most durable 1.5″ fixed head printer on the market.
    Image of a Imager I - Neopost SA50S
  • Rena Imager 3.0/ Neopost 2600 reconditioned 3″ fixed head printer  $5,695
    The unit has less than 20,000 pieces.  Like new. Retail: $13,995.00
    A production address printer with a monthly duty cycle of 500,000 per month
    Rena Envelope Imager 3.0 Printer
  • Accufast P8 4″ address printer with HDF heavy duty feeder – New-  $17,495.00
    Save over $3,000,00 off the retail price.
    Vacuum base and unparalleled durability – floor model production for a third of the cost.
     Accufast P8 with camera
  • Pitney Bowes W350/Secap 1030 rebuilt single tabber  $2,295.00
    Will handle clear tabs and includes its feeder.
    A very nice entry level tabber.
    Pitney Bowes W350 - Secap 1020 Tabber
  • Accufast XL rebuilt label stamp applier  $2,695.00
    The best and most affordable pressure sensitive stamp/label applier on the market.
  • Neopost SI-68/DS-70 reconditioned 3 station folder/inserter/sealer – low usage  $4,995.00
    Quiet, operator friendly unit in excellent condition, retails for over $15,000.00!

Additional reconditioned units for sale:
Call 866-430-2874 or 610-480-8487 for information and availability

Pitney Bowes DA-500 / Secap 9KL rebuilt address printer  $2,495.00
Neopost AS 223P / Rena Imager 1.5+ rebuilt address printer  $2,495.00
Neopost SA-50 / Rena Imager 1 rebuilt address printer  $2,495.00
Neopost AS-700 demo address printer – like new  $2,695.00
Rena DA-608 / Neopost AS-710 rebuilt address printer  $2,995.00
Secap 30K reconditioned 3″ fixed head address printer – very low usage  $5,995.00
KBS 6 foot wide belt conveyor and 30″ stand alone dryer – demo unit  $2,495.00

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