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IQ2392A and Secap Picaso gone but not forgotten

Published: July 6, 2009

Due to declining demand brought on by our clients switching to better and cheaper formulas we will no longer be selling IQ2392A well known original leader for printing on aqueous coated material also known as Secap Picaso!

Almost all of our customers that were using IQ2392A have moved to one of the following in order by popularity

SFM Aqueous Under $22!! Click to see the reviews! Clogs Less and Easier to maintain

C9050A Rena EasyInk Aqueous Plus Clogs Less – Easier to maintain

SFM Aqueous Plus A bit more aggressive that the standard SFM Aqueous

Collins Max 3 TWK1386 The big mail-house leader!

Check out the complete list of Aqueous inks and SFM Inks

Update! 12/10/26
Picaso is back, for now at least!  Apparently some clients have been told that it is the only ink that will work with their machine .

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