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Introducing the AFM80ST Low Cost Postage Stamp Applier and Single Tabber

Published: May 5, 2021

The All For Mailers Inc. AFM80ST Low-Cost Postage Stamp Applier / Single Tabber can allow even small offices to send stamped mail that looks hand applied!

Until now the lowest-cost new unit we had to offer to apply postage stamps was the Rena / Quadient L-350 and at the time of writing this, the MSRP on that unit was $10,995. But now, with the entry of the AFM80ST, we can offer a brand new unit to apply USPS Stamps for $8,495!  A $4,500 savings.  Still over your budget and don’t want another lease?  Contact one of our sales associates for the availability of a refurbished AFM80ST Stamp Applicator, often available as low as $4,495.  The All For Mailers AFM80ST can not apply labels like the Quedient L-350 can, but most of our clients do not need to apply labels and can make do with the slower speed.  The L-350 can apply postage stamps to #10 envelopes at up to 8,000 per hour, while the AFM80S automatically applies postage stamps at about 4,800 per hour.

The AFM80ST is simple to set up and adjust!  Adjusting the position of the postage stamp is as simple as turning a know and pressing it to lock it in.  If all you do is #10 envelopes, you will never need to tinker with the position again.  Switching to applying postal tabs to the leading edge is as simple as pressing a button and counting for 8 seconds.

With the All For Mailers Inc. AFM80ST Stamper, you need to purchase stamps from the USPS on 3″ cores.  For testing and in the video, we used 1 cent “Apples” stamp SKU 782304 on a coil of 3,000
For more information no the stamps available from the USPS, take a look at the “USPS StampsNow Brochure

Benefits of establishing a STAMPS NOW business account:
• No fee to establish your account
• Choose the denomination, format, and stamp subject you want
• Presort and nonprofit stamps are available in coils of 3,000 and 10,000

Real Postage stamps definitely help to get your mail noticed!  Ask us about printing your address with fonts that look like they are handwritten!  Add some Blue or Red ink into the printout and really get noticed.

Here’s a video of a refurbished AFM80ST Postage Stamp Applier PB Version applying USPS 1 Cent stamps on postcards

More information and specifications for the All For Mailers Inc. AFM80ST Postage Stamp Applicator can be found here.

You can purchase the AFM80ST Automatic Postage Stamp Applicator by clicking HERE

Need to automatically seal the envelopes closed?  You could use the AFM80ST to apply a clear, translucent, or white wafer seal to the flap!  Or give it a total custom look and apply a custom label or seal!  Maybe with a Gold or silver finish!
Or add a AFM60S Sealer or AFM80S Sealer to close and seal the envelopes.

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