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Ink Cartridge Buy-Back Program

Published: March 8, 2012

Here’s how it works:

Send us your empty HP C8842A or HP 45 Black print cartridge (51645A) and we give you $1.25 for each cartridge!
And $0.50 for each usable remanufactured cartridge!
Ex.. Send us 20 used HP C8842A cartridges we will send you a gift certificate for $25.00.

If you would rather have a check, the program works a little different. We pay $1.00 for virgin cartridges and $0.25 for recycled cartridges that work!
This takes a bit longer because we need to test each cartridge 1st then send you a check. This can be a great opportunity for you to make a few $$ if you work for a company that just throws away empty cartridges!

If you have a larger quantity, 40+ we will even pay for shipping and send you a shipping label!  Just fill out the form below.

If you have less than 50 you can ship them to:
Supplies For Mailers
Attn: BuyBack
8 Roland Ave
Feasterville, PA 19053-6061

Please include your contact information!  Name, Address, Phone Number, email address.  We will email you a gift certificate!

Here is a list of qualifying cartridges:
(Please note that all cartridges must pass an electrical and visual exam to qualify for this program)

Cart HP C8842A Versatile Black
HP C6195A Fast Dry Black
HP 51645A 45A
HP C6168A Spot Color Green
HP C6169A Spot Color Red
HP C6170A Spot Color Blue
HP C6173A Spot Color Yellow
Rena C8715A Easy Ink Original
Rena C9007A Easy Ink Aqueous
Rena C9050A Easy Ink Aqueous Plus
Secap Picaso IQ2392A
General IQ IQ2392A
Collins 45A Style Cartridges Various Formulas

All Supplies For Mailers (SFM) Cartridges

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