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Complete line of HP C8842A Compatibles Now Available and On Sale!

Published: July 3, 2013

Supplies For Mailers has added 3 new inks to it’s line of HP C8842a Compatible Addressing Inks!

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Latest Additions!  SFM42Basic – SFM42Max – SFM-AQ-Max 

We Proudly bring you our complete line Remanufactured Ink Cartridges!

Save $$ and Go Green!

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SFM 42 – Like C8842A with the added benefit of anti clog technology and a darker black!  This black ink was developed to be used in the addressing and packaging, where versatility across a wide range of substrates is needed on both porous and some coated materials in the mailing industry. This ink has good resolution and good density across all DPI requirements.  Excellent decap time and good start up performance with good dry time. Drying is enhanced with the use of a heater/dryer and dry time is fast enough for high speed production machines without offsetting  on many substrates.   An added feature of this ink is the “Kogatìon” performance, resulting in less build up on the head and less operator intervention for head cleaning during runs.  This ink is the most widely used product in our range and offer great value.  Compares to HP C8842A but more like Rena EasyInk C8715A or Collins Reliable H.

SFM45 – Back to basics! Just like the origional Hp51645a / Hp 51645a aka HP45A, but costs less!

SFM42Max – Designed to be like the SFM 42 with the added benefit of darker black and crisp and clear print on a wider spectrum of printers.

SFM42Basic – Our closest copy of the original HP C8842A at 1/2 the price of the original!

SFM Aqueous – This black ink is primarily used with high output heater/ dryers on coated stocks. Produces good resolution and image density. The ink density is good enough for most production machines to run at lower DPI and still produce strong image density which can lead to greater yield per cartridge. Works well on most commonly used coated substrates in the mailing industry with good adherence and dry times when used with high output heaters/dryers.  Compares to Rena EasyInk Aqueous Plus C9050A and Secap Picaso IQ2392A

SFM-Hybrid  – Say good by to having 1 cartridge for coated stock, another uncoated, and say Hello to SFM-Hybrid! Superior Decap performance compared to most fast drying inks for coated stocks * Excellent image density, fast dry time, and smear resistance * Formulated for long term shelf life and reliability * Quality print at a variety of speeds and resolution settings * Can perform well on plain or coated Media * Comparable: Collins Complete, Hp Versatile,

SFM-AQ-Max – Like SFM Aqueous Ultra but easier to maintain and less nozzle drop out!  Compares to Collins Max3

SFM Quick Dry – This black ink is formulated for use in addressing machines with no heater/ dryer capability and on packaging production lines.   Good resolution with good optical density with a slight trade off in density for dry time. Works best on porous materials.  It has a Good decap time and good start up performance.  Compares to HP C6195A

SFM Super Fast Dry – A new formulation for use in applications where versatile dries slowly or smears. This ink is very quick to dry with good image density but has trade off in the fact that it has a short decap time, and maybe needs a little more head cleaning between start ups. However on continuous runs, works extremely well with and without a dryer.   This ink is quickly becoming the favored choice for overcoming drying difficulties on a variety of stocks.

SFM HD High Definition – A specialized black ink formula with exceptional resolution producing crisp clear characters and good density, on a wide variety of porous substrates with very good results on some coated materials, when used with heater/dryer.  Excellent for high quality work in letter shops, Quick print applications, matched mail printing, high quality mailings, and for producing crisp readable barcodes across a wide variety of mailing and packaging applications.

SFM LDT Long Decap Time – Specially formulated black ink where long decap times and high performance start up is required between uses. Used in such applications as in line addressing on inserters and in some Postage meter applications for the 45A cartridge and in stop/ start production runs in the printing and packaging market.  Very long decap times with clean image and good density, best used on porous substrates.

SFM-Hybrid – Coming Soon!   Hybrid (dye based/pigment) prints on porous and nonporous media.

  SFM 42 Red –   SFM 42 Blue –    SFM 42 Green


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