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How to get New OEM HP C8842A Versatile Black for $24.33 ea

Published: June 11, 2020

HP C8842A Versatile Black print cartridge remains the most common cartridge used in the addressing industry!

It’s no wonder that people are continually shopping for the lowest price and ways to save.  Add in the fact that you can count on this cartridge not to be defective, and it’s no surprise.  The quality control on this cartridge is impressive.  The same goes got all the forms of this cartridge that are new, more information at the bottom.  Let’s get back to how you can get the original HP C8842A Versatile Black cartridge for a total cost of ownership of $24.33

“I will never understand a company that will go nuts looking for the lowest price but will not take the little to no time needed to save $2 per cartridge by recycling.  Congratulations, you saved 10 cents per cartridge, but ignore the fact that you could save $2 per cartridge. “

1st)  Purchase 80 or more from here https://suppliesformailers.com/hp-c8842a-versatile-black-ink-new-not-recycled.aspx

2nd)  When they are empty, send them back to be recycled and get $2 per cartridge back!  If you send at least 20 ea at a time, they will pay for shipping!  You can find details and instructions here https://suppliesformailers.com/we-buy-empty-c8842a-and-51645a-cartridges.aspx

Even if you are only purchasing three at a time, you can bring your total cost of per cartridge down to $25.33 by recycling.  They pay you for all the cartridges, not just the ones they can recycle but be warned!  If they get too many that are damaged, they will change that policy with you.  So it is in your best interest to be careful with the cartridges.  Both after use and when packing them for shipment

Cartridges you can recycle include but are not limited to: 



  • Collins Ink TSK-250003 Sirius Ink Cartridge – For some varnished/UV coatings
  • Collins Ink TSK-247703 Solv-Jet Ink Cartridge – For some varnished/UV coatings
  • Collins Ink TSK-2039 Bear Ink Cartridge – For some varnished/UV coatings
  • Kao Collins TSK-318203 Sigma Ink Cartridge – For some plastics/UV coatings


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