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Direct Mailers Prospering in Tough Times!?

Published: February 24, 2010

It’s interesting, from servicing mailing equipment for almost 20 years I’ve been able to observe all kinds of different direct mailer, large and small.   Now, as a business owner, that still takes some service and sales calls, and I’ve gotten to know what makes a profitable direct mailer.   Sadly, recently, I’ve gotten to see some really great people and companies go under.  I have been observing the trends more and noticing that some of our clients have actually increased in the number of supplies they are buying and work they are doing.  So I started to wonder how are these clients doing well when so many are struggling? And I found that currently the clients doing the best are…

  1. Able to automatically applying 1.5” tabs
  2. Able to print at higher resolutions and have great quality control
  3. Combine mail advertising with Internet advertising and tracking
  4. Able to print fancy or custom jobs that others can not
  5. Are more efficient than most

Now let’s take a closer look!

1)  “Able to automatically applying 1.5” tabs” Being able to efficiently apply 1.5″ postal tabs is number one because at this time the clients that can apply 1 1/2 inch tabs are not only doing it for their clients but are getting jobs from other mailers that can’t!  And many smaller mailers may never invest in new equipment to do it.  So if you have or purchase the equipment, let your neighboring mailers know!

2)  “Able to print at higher resolutions and have great quality control”  When times are tough, every penny counts, so now more than ever, every mail piece counts, and needs to look great.  Too often mailers need to lower the print quality in order to get their ink to dry and not smear.  Mailers with a quality drying system, eliminate this problem or at least get better control of productivity.

3)  “Combine mail advertising with Internet advertising and tracking” Higher tech mailers will incorporate information to allow them or their, client to track their ROI return on investment.  This can be as simple as a coupon code that when the client enters it online, the clients know the lead is from their mailing.  Even direction to a custom web page implementing Google Analytics and allowing tracking.  Or more complex, like a 3of9 barcode that can be scanned to track response.  This is a great way to show that direct mail advertising works!

4)  “Able to print fancy or custom jobs that others can not” Printing fancy or custom jobs, includes printing on uncommon stocks, graphics, sequencing, variable graphics, and data.  Let’s start with uncommon stocks, like plastics and UV.  Most standard printers from Secap, Pitney Bowes and Rena and not do it.  There are inks out available that you can use but to work correctly you need to be able to adjust thinks like Pen Drive Voltage, Pulse Warming Temp, and Fire Pulse Length, which are not adjustable on most printers!  With the exception of some floor models from Walco and desktops from Accufast.  These units have many advantages through their control software which allows them to print just about anything you can think of.  Ex. Over 30 industrial barcodes built in that are fully customizable.   Graphics,, even variable graphics so you can change something like the logo depending on a specific field like the State.  Rotate text or graphics to any angle, or just flip.

5)  “Are more efficient than most”  Efficiency, that’s the easy one!  Time is money and the faster you can get the job done correctly the better!  And sometimes that is not as easy as it sounds.  Often clients are so busy running jobs they don’t have time to look around and figure out what’s out there that can make them more efficient.  And that’s when you turn to a company like All For Mailers and speak with a consultant, most of our staff has over 20 years in the industry!  In many cases, we can help over the phone and if needed, come to your location and evaluate your operations and make some recommendations!

If you want more information oh how we can help you prosper with direct mail advertising, or just want a free consultation, give us a call at 866-430-2874

Thank you!
James Angst
All For Mailers Inc

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