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Datapac ink problem solved!

Published: August 25, 2009

Ok, this one is kind of funny and interesting!

We’ve had a few calls from people looking for Data-Pac postage meter ink.
Which for us is odd being that it’s listed on the Supplies For Mailers website.
Until we looked at the server log files and found that people are searching the website and coming up empty handed!
Because most people are searching for Datapac ink or datapack ink or even Data Pac and we have it listed just like it is on the machines Data-Pac ink and our built in search engine is not smart enough to figure it out!

Yet if you use our Google site search engine, it has the ablity to direct you to the correct page!
So once again kudos to Google!  It’s amazing that you have that ability built into your search engine!

And hopefully this page helps point people in the right direction!  Not that we mind customers calling and asking but with any luck this will save us all some time.  And no matter how you spell it, you can find it!

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