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Data-Pac Ink DIB-C-0091 Now Available for under $22!

Published: June 1, 2009

Color Labs Introduces MRH 405 – A New Ink Formula That Meets Demanding Standards of High-Volume Postage Meters

Color Labs, a California-based company and leading reseller of compatible consumables and remanufactured ink jet cartridges for the mailing industry, has launched a new proprietary ink formula that offers long decap time with excellent start up performance for use in Data-Pac postage meters along with addressing and mailing applications.  The MRH 405 – mrh405 ink cartridge is excellent in applications where frequent start-stop or first-time start-up performance is needed such as addressing or bar-coding with inline inserters.

Users of Data-Pac mailing machines and the DIB-C-0091 cartridge have reported excellent performance and cartridge yields with this cartridge.

The Color Labs R&D and manufacturing facility in Franklin, Tennessee conducts extensive testing and executes the remanufacturing of the HP45 cartridges using state of the art equipment and strict standards to guarantee the highest quality and performance.  Cartridges come with a 100% quality/replacement guarantee, offering substantial cost savings over OEM prices.

For example: DIB-C-0091 currently available from Supplies For Mailers for under $22!

UPDATE: 07/15/2009
We are getting a lot of searches for this post but because of the,, well unique spelling od Data-Pac, people are searching for ” datapak, data-pack, data-pak, datapack ” and not finding anything! So I’m adding this to help them out.

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