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Build Relationships using Postal Presorting Software

Published: November 17, 2011

Let’s be honest, the standard mailer isn’t making tons of revenue by offering Postal Presorting services to their customers. The true benefit is seen by the customer saving 53% on their postage costs.

Don’t stop by simply saving them on postage. Strengthen and build that relationship by taking advantage of the many data enhancement features available in today’s Postal Presort packages.

The savvy printer knows that if you want to keep those full color large runs in house you need to add value to your existing offerings and build customer loyalty. Remember this simply fact and you’ll be on your way….Contact, Customer and Prospect data are your customer’s most valuable assets and often times the most poorly managed.

Refresh, Standardize, De-Dupe and populate additional data elements into your Customer’s lists and return it to them as a courtesy. Today’s programs are smart and powerful with features like the ability to import, export or link to almost every file format a customer can throw at them. Excel, Access, Delimited, MS Outlook, Act to name a few. Address standardization, de-duplication tasks vastly improve content and look. Go the extra step and apply additional data elements like latitude, longitude, name prefixes and more.

Provide them with reports reflecting recent movers, duplicate records, and undeliverable address in electronic formats so they can share with their colleges. Monitor the lists and the changes from month to month and offer suggestions on how to improve their data. Take advantage of every aspect and offering your software has to offer and you won’t go wrong.

Take an interest in the most valuable asset your customer owns, their data!

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